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A Wheat Loaf that doesn’t need kneading!

Yes, I’ve been lazy again. But it was the lazy people that invented the wheel and the bicycle because they didn’t like walking or carrying things (Lech Walesa). In my case, as established before, I hate kneading bread. I probably need the arm exercise but it just bores me to pound around a ball of dough. Maybe some people use it as a form of stress relief, but I can think of more creative options to gain back my sanity. So it’s not very surprising that I’m always on the hunt for things that say no-knead. If there’s no need to knead (ha ha ha), I’m in!

No Knead Artisanal Bread

There was a certain phase in our married lives that the co-resident was bent upon buying a Bread Machine. His very macho Columbian Boss had nonchalantly stated that he bakes his own bread every day in his nifty bread machine. The co-resident was immensely impressed (or was trying hard to impress his boss) and insisted that we get one as well. Considering our staple diet at home is rice, I successfully steered his mind away from such frivolities using endless arguments hard logic. After a couple of years though, I wish I hadn’t thwarted his grand plans.

Banana, Walnut and Honey Loaf

I make many variations of Banana Bread at home. It’s easy and the ingredients are always available in my pantry. Add to it the fact that I still haven’t come across a Banana bread that has failed me. That’s a big seller in my repertoire of recipes. You deliver what you promise and I will love your forever. (Take a hint hubby… and random colleagues I work with :P)

Breaking the jinx with Mushroom Melts

The thing about leisurely cooking in the afternoon, is that I get to take pictures. And that is a privilege that I seem to have lost with my current work schedule. Add to that, the imagined pressure of blogging about something fabulous and you have yourself a pretty non-existent blog over a couple of months. (Sorry Shwe!) So I’m breaking the jinx and blogging about something. Even if it’s something really simple. Something I make myself pretty often and something that I really like. My normal grocery shopping always includes a packet of button mushrooms. I like to toss these babies into omelets, pulaos, stews and casseroles. But what I like to do most is just sauté them in butter and garlic and pile them mile high on some good bread. The key to making this more than ‘mushrooms on toast’, is to know how to sauté the mushrooms. What we are looking for is a nice seared brown outside and a juicy plump center. Overcrowding mushrooms in the pan and/or adding them in before …

Sweet Cinnamon Rolls and Savory Dill Rolls

Featured in – 14th Jan 2012 Now that I think I can bake bread, I have ventured further into this magical world of yeast. Yes, I know it sounds corny, but it’s becoming an addiction. Somehow knowing that this little growing organism holds the key to a perfectly turned out loaf, makes me feel completely ensnared by it. Like a little slave, I wait for the yeast to make its presence felt and grace my little loaf with the air and water it needs to grow. Amen. This week I made rolls. I used the basic bread roll recipe and decided to twist the dough around – literally. In the end I had these pretty looking swirls enclosing raisins and cinnamon for the sweet lovers and dill and onions for the savory tongues. If you are going to have someone over for tea, I suggest serving a couple of these. Very very fun and tasty. Or have them for a fantastic breakfast – beats the crap out of store cereal anyday! Cinnamon Rolls and …

Baking Bread – In all shapes and sizes

The warm yeasty smell, the soft fluffy touch, the chewy satisfying taste, the golden yellow sheen – it can only be Bread!! I love bread. I love it so much that I want to sleep on a pillow of freshly baked bread… Sweet dreams for sure. Of course no one really bothers to try to bake bread – not without a bread machine. It’s too cumbersome, when you can just run out to the bakery that’s been making it for generations and pretty much knows how to earn their dough from it! But everyone wants to ‘try’ to bake bread. This attempt was one to scale my personal Everest of the year. Yes, some climb mountains; I make mountains of a mole hill challenge! Anyway I was mighty impressed with the results. *Patting myself on the back*. Just thought I’ll gloat to you guys as well 🙂 Basic Bread Recipe Prep time: 15 mins Sitting time: 2+2 hrs Baking time: 30 mins for loaves; 15 mins for buns/ rolls Makes: 2 loaves or several fun …

Classic Bacon and Egg Salad Sandwich

It’s called classic because it’s a timeless combination. Bacon and Eggs. I could actually have an entire blog dedicated to the dishes you could dish out of this very combination. But we don’t want to be biased now, do we 😉 ?  New question… why do I need a separate blog post for the simplest of sandwiches? Because my friends it’s the little things that matter and this recipe has all the little things that will transform a slap dash sandwich into the classic it is. For a hint – it’s Mustard. Not convinced? Ok, Parsley. Still not convinced? Ok its mustard and parsley and mayo. Trust me, the combo works like a charm! Classic Bacon and Egg Sandwich Prep time: 10 mins Makes 2 sandwiches What you need: 2 rashers rindless Bacon 2 hard boiled Eggs 1 Tbsp Mayonnaise 1 tsp Dijon Mustard 1 Tbsp finely chopped flat leaf Parsley Salt and freshly ground Black pepper Butter or Margarine 4 slices Milk or other White Bread What to do: Grill bacon or fry in …