Month: February 2015

Cruising Around – Fiat Caffe-Car-O-Bar (Domlur, Inner Ring Road)

Fiat Caffe has been reinvented as Fiat Caffé-Car-O-Bar, which should tickle our Indian sensibilities. For all those who assume that Fiat Caffe is a cool looking car showroom – it is. But it also has another level which functions as a bar and café and the ground floor transforms into a space for performances and live gigs after dark. And if you want to dance the night away – they have a cool DJ console fashioned in the hood of a dismembered fiat! How’s that for sticking to the automobile theme?

On Trial – Chef’s Basket Recipe Kits

Busy lives have a direct correlation to the number of times a packet of Maggi is ripped open for dinner. Unfortunately as I’ve grown older and more conscientious of what goes into my system, the packet of Maggi doesn’t fit into the scheme of things (often at least: P). But a hungry tummy needs to be fed, and though going out for dinner or ordering in seems the most logical option – we can now add one more avenue into the mix. Recipe Kits with a complete set of ingredients and minimal prep and cooking time to rustle up World cuisine at home! Chef’s Basket sent me two of their recipe kits and I put it to the test last week.

Banana, Walnut and Honey Loaf

I make many variations of Banana Bread at home. It’s easy and the ingredients are always available in my pantry. Add to it the fact that I still haven’t come across a Banana bread that has failed me. That’s a big seller in my repertoire of recipes. You deliver what you promise and I will love your forever. (Take a hint hubby… and random colleagues I work with :P)

10 years and counting – Olive Beach (Wood Street)

Olive Beach didn’t shut shop. They just moved the iconic blue door a couple of feet to the right. They also decided to do away with the pebbles – because they obviously care for your stilettos. And they added a Tuscan Kitchen with a brick oven – just to indulge you with the perfect wood fired pizza. They placed large ornate mirrors that reflect the soft candle light – to make you glow as you dine under the stars. They even upped the ante on plating – pretty flower garnishes never hurt anyone. And the massive bar at the back – well, that’s kinda self-explanatory, right? The little white villa on Wood Street comes to you in a spruced up avatar in its 10th year in Bangalore. They haven’t dispensed with the underlying theme of Olive – a large (sunny in the daytime) courtyard will still greet you as you enter and the whitewashed walls echo the charm of a Mediterranean villa. But…they’ve opened up the space – both literally and figuratively! The ‘new’ Mediterranean …