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Mou Taverna, The Saturday Brunch @ Cafe Azure (Vivanta by Taj, Yeshwanthpur)

Saturday Brunches – what could be more inviting? I have always lamented that I need a holiday on Monday after a Sunday Brunch. Having ‘too much fun’ on a Sunday does not bode well for Monday morning meetings. With a Saturday brunch, you always have a full day on Sunday to wind down and just relax. It’s the ideal weekend plan! Café Azure at Vivanta by Taj has curated a fantastic Mediterranean Brunch – Mou Taverna, to get your weekend started.

Meet, Eat, Drink – Cafe Mezzuna

For those of you who walked by Oh! Calcutta, on St.Marks Road and wondered where it went – Café Mezzuna has taken the spot. The much loved Bengali restaurant has moved to the same building that houses Mainland China on Church Street. Café Mezzuna is the youngest brand of the Specialty Restaurants Ltd. The third in line, after Pune and Kolkata, Café Mezzuna brings Mediterranean Flavous and wholesome food at honest-to-goodness prices to Bangalore. The all-day dining restaurant also offers an extensive bar menu. When you get a pint of Kingfisher at INR 110 and a Long Island Ice Tea at INR 295, it’s time to get the party started.

Thai Food Festival @ Feast, Sheraton Bangalore Hotel (Malleshwaram)

Spicy, Tangy and Aromatic – the unique character profile of Thai food that finds almost instant appeal everywhere. Thai food always ranks as one of the most popular cuisines in the world, and it’s no surprise that Bangaloreans have taken to it enthusiastically. Like Indian Cusine, Thai food differs substantially by region. While Thai Red Curry and Phad Thai have its loyal fan base, there is a lot more variety that begs to be tried. While seafood and curries with fresh herbs are favored in the south, you will find the spiciest food and meat based dishes popular in the northeast. Whatever the region, the ideal Thai meal is a harmonious blend of the spicy, the subtle, the sweet and sour, and is meant to be equally satisfying to the eye, nose and palate.

The Double Black Experience @ Blue Bar (Race Course Road)

Eventually, everyone who drinks alcohol will graduate to Whiskey – at least that’s the general consensus among the drinking population. I’m not a Whiskey drinker, give me a Gin and Tonic or a nice glass of Wine any day. The husband on the other hand, swears by his single malts and his peaty blended Whiskeys. Every trip abroad is a happy occasion because he gets to bring back his loot of interesting Whiskeys. So of course the Double Black Event at Blue Ginger was welcomed with much enthusiasm.

Some Irish grub and Amritsari Fish @ Blimey! (1 MG Road Mall, Bangalore)

If you’ve lived in Bangalore for the past year, chances are you have already heard of Blimey. Not the expression ‘Blimey!’ (I’m pretty sure no Irishman/women uses it these days) but Blimey the gastropub located at 1MG mall. They are pretty notorious for their packed to the kilt hilt Sunday brunches and the teeny boppers that frequent the place for sundowners. With the amazing view of Ulsoor lake from their terrace, coupled with some cool cocktails, Irish brews and grub – they have survived the one year mark. And that my friends, is an achievement in Bangalore, which has become ruthless in weeding out restaurants and pubs which don’t make the mark. So to celebrate their coming of age (yes, one is a good number), the gastropub has decided to update their menu with some cool new dishes. We went on a Monday to sample the old and the new and let you know what hits the spot.    I tried to keep the focus on the food, but when offered a Dirty Martini (the …

Zen and the Art of Lounging @ Tao Terraces (M.G. Road, Bangalore)

After reading mixed reviews about the Tao Terraces, it was time for me to check it out myself. I have always visited their gorgeous terrace lounge bar for a couple of drinks and to enjoy the best house music in Bangalore. Even through the restaurant on the 1st level looks like a setting out of an opulent Thai mansion, I’ve always headed straight up for the views and the wonderful Bangalore weather. This time I was determined to give their Pan-Asian restaurant a try as well, especially since I realized that they served Japanese, as well as Burmese cuisine.   Situated on the 5th floor of the 1MG mall, it’s not hard to find. The hostess will guide you to the big red door that opens into the lavish and distinctly Asian setting. We headed up to the lounge first for a couple of drinks before our dinner reservation downstairs. One thing the Tao Terraces can boast of is having space! The terrace is made up of Thai style open cabanas, water bodies and little …

Flight Of Cocktails – Sundowner @ LikeThatOnly (Now Closed :( )

I like my cocktails. Why must I have a stodgy old rum and coke when I can have an exciting Cuba Libre with a dash of lime? Or if you’re a vodka drinker like me, a fancy Cosmopolitan to sip at, whilst we elegantly drape one long leg over the other, at the bar counter? Or to go all James Bond and have a Martini – shaken, not stirred. Sounds dated? Well it is! With so many permutations and combinations of heady liquor and even headier liqueurs, you would expect the bars in Bangalore to offer us something other than creations from the 1960’s! Yes, we like our cocktails and yes, we order them religiously on a night out, but just because we are easy to please – doesn’t mean you don’t even try!! For lord’s sake, a single cocktail costs as much as a main course in some places and if I’m going to get Vodka topped with Cranberry juice from Tropicana – I’d rather give it a miss. (Ok, I lie… I’ll still …

Sunday Brunch @ M Cafe (Bengaluru Mariott Hotel Whitefield)

The FoodPorn Diaries dictionary (yes, it exists…if only in my mind!) defines ‘Brunch’ as nothing but copious amounts of Booze + Lunch, generally consumed on a Sunday, to arm yourself for the travesty of work on a Monday. Since most of us run the corporate rat race during the week, (which gives us just enough time to drag ourselves to bed every night), what better way to spend a weekend afternoon than by overcompensating? I generally don’t bother reviewing brunches because, let’s face it – everyone has the same offerings. Indian, Chinese and European cuisine served with loads of alcohol and bubbly, edging you to consume in one afternoon what you probably should be eating over a span of a week! But since so many of us are in the quest for the holy grail of Sunday Brunches, I decided to take a dive and do it for you. Starting with the brunch at M Café in the Mariott, Whitefield. I am forced to look at the Mariott everyday because my work desk faces the large window that …