Month: February 2016

8 Minute Swedish Chocolate Cake

There are recipes that are easy and then there are recipes that are like WTF?! Clearly this 8 Minute Chocolate Cake falls under the second category. After scanning the recipe three times, I finally decided to give it a shot. I mean, the worst case scenario was half cooked cake batter and I was down with spooning that into a mug and calling it dessert. But, but, but …. It worked so well and was so effortlessly perfect that I had to dedicate a post to it.

Grab your forks – DineFest debuts in Bangalore this February

Curated three course dining experiences at a fraction of the a la carte rates across 10 exciting restaurants in Bangalore – now we’re talking! Taking off on the popular concept of Restaurant Week and Chef’s Table Week by its parent group, DineFest hopes to open up gourmet experiences to a wider audience. You won’t find the usual suspects here and that’s what makes it interesting. At INR 500++ per person, I hardly feel the need to elaborate on the deal!

1-2-3 Chingri Malaikari

Give me a recipe for Chingri Malaikari and I’m going to make it. The idea of pink prawns floating around in a fiery-sweet silky curry is too much for me to resist. This Bengali preparation is always on my order list whenever I go to Oh! Calcutta, Bhojohori Manna or Esplanade. I can’t really say which one is my favorite because each time I eat it, I am lost in the delicate flavours of this exquisite curry.