Dear Food Community – I am officially done with blogging. Thank you for your support and love all these years. But the time has come to shut shop on a medium that no longer appeals to me, as a form of communication, with the larger foodie world.

My baby – www.thefoodporndiaries.com will still stay alive with all it’s existing content, but unless I’m driven to post something SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS, it will be taking a long nap.

I still love food and the glorious tapestry of stories that it can weave – follow me on @thefoodporndiaries/instagram or @thefoodporndiaries/facebook for all my latest and greatest food adventures.


My name is Swapna and I am an addict – a food addict. I have a huge collection of cookbooks (blame the addiction). I can’t seem to pass a bookstore without longingly looking at the CB section and inevitably grabbing one and running home to read it cover to cover. Yes, I did say read it… the writing and recipes warm the cockles of my heart more than Chicken Soup for the Soul! (Sorry Jack Canfield!) So having this gargantuan collection of awesomeness and not putting it to any use is like owning a Ferrari and always parking it in the garage. (No, I don’t own a Ferrari).

When the husband (he’s called Co-Resident in the blog) and I moved to a place of our own, I was inspired to cook. Now we all know that Inspiration in my case was a ‘Cook or starve’ situation. So I donned my chef’s hat. (No, I am not professionally trained … ahem ahem… who would have guessed? :P). I love to start off with a recipe and then add my own genius twists (or so I think) to end up at something palatable. Of course I’ve had my fair share of disasters… what’s winning without a taste of loss? That’s when it struck me … I needed a place to store my tried and tested, bestest recipes. In a time long long ago, I would have used a leather bound diary and clipped little pictures to it. But since we are all so techno savy these days and my handwriting has gone to the dogs, I give me ‘The Blog’. It’s designed to keep a tab on my adventures in the kitchen and the pictures to serve as proof of the pudding!

I also eat out … a lot! Weekends and many weekdays are planned to accommodate trying out a new restaurant or trendy bar that’s opened in town. ‘Town’ here is Namma Bengaluru and I was born and raised in this beautiful Garden City. (The nomenclature is debatable now, but I still love this place). I blame this urge of trying new restaurants on my dad – he loved good food obsessively and genetics just passed that on to me. So I do my fair share of restaurant reviews on this blog as well. I am invited by a number of restaurants to try their menus but the opinions on the blog are my own and I strive to keep it unbiased. (Unless they gift me a box of rosagullas , then I’m visibly putty in their hands :P)

I’m bitten by wanderlust and am an avid traveler. However, my Travelogues section has seen fairly dismal contribution so far. Memories of Bangkok, Moscow, Barcelona, Philadelphia, New York, Colombo, Lankawi and many more places are firmly locked in my head. I hope to pen it down… soon enough.

I am supremely flattered and so happy that you stopped by to see my food and my photographs. So please continue to drop by, linger, comment and just hang around. It keeps me feeling like a Rockstar with a ladle!

I still love food so follow my Instagram account (@thefoodporndiaries/instagram) for my latest food finds. 

All original content and pictures are © The FoodPorn Diaries (2009 – 2015). Do ask me for permissions before reproducing the same anywhere.


  1. I had to be here earlier..but better late than never. This blog is delicious ! Very neatly laid out. I like the fact that comes out quite different than other food blogs. Keep writing. I am sure to follow this. All the best.

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