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Freakshakes and Pizzas @ Ministry of Pizza (5th Block Koramangala)

It’s like Kormangala is blessed (or cursed) to churn out new restaurants and cafes every week. The latest to be birthed in 5th Block, is Ministry of Pizza. A bright and sunny ambience combined with a live pizza station and light-on-the-pocket prices makes this a perfect addition to the area. If you get tired of waiting for a table at the ‘other pizza joint’ that’s popular with teeny boppers and offers unlimited Pizza – head on over to MOP. You’ll get a more relaxed experience at the same price!

The Flying Squirrel gives us Cold Brews this summer

Most people can’t function normally without their cup of coffee in the morning. This post is for them. This post is also for the rest of the folks like me, who sit on the fence when it comes to coffee. Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino, Latte, Pour Over, Nitro Brew, Cold Brew – ordering coffee is no longer restricted to the customary ‘one-by-two’ kapi in a darshini. With hipster Roasterys making their appearance across Bangalore, I thought it’s best we educate ourselves. Ready?

Chase away your Monsoon blues with the Soup and Dim Sum Festival (Hunan, Koramangala)

Hunan has grown from strength to strength. This Chinese restaurant started off with humble roots as an outlet in Bowring Institute over 10 years ago and moved to its own standalone space in Koramangala and then BEL Road. With the addition of Chef Pema as its Head Chef the menu underwent a dramatic transformation which resulted the restaurant winning not one but four ‘Times Food Awards’ for ‘Best Chinese Restaurant’. Hunan has been a mainstay dining option for me in Koramangala for its excellent Chinese food and the innovations that they always bring to the table. The Soup and Dim Sum Festival is an excellent showcase of what the restaurant has whipped up for the monsoons – perfect comfort food!

Street Style Asian – Nasi and Mee (4th Block Koramangala)

I love small, quirky places with character and good food. Nasi and Mee easily fits into this category. Serving Pan Asian cuisine with an emphasis on authentic flavours this new eatery has become a fast favourite in Koramnagala. Considering it is 200 meters from my house, I have been running across in my pajamas on days that I need a galangal and kaffir lime hit. The name is derived from the Malaysian word for Rice and Noodles – Nasi and Mee 🙂 It could have been a sidewalk café, but considering the traffic jams that 100ft road sees, it’s wise that they have a floor to ceiling glass façade. The seating is casual with wooden boards atop an adjustable wrought iron base. The chairs are fashioned in the same manner and are very comfortable. Wooden crates serve as lampshades small steel buckets hold cutlery and basic wooden cabinets showcase fizzy drinks and kinckacks reminiscent of small eateries in KL. To the fag end of the restaurant is a faux bar (they do not have a …

Cruising Around – Fiat Caffe-Car-O-Bar (Domlur, Inner Ring Road)

Fiat Caffe has been reinvented as Fiat Caffé-Car-O-Bar, which should tickle our Indian sensibilities. For all those who assume that Fiat Caffe is a cool looking car showroom – it is. But it also has another level which functions as a bar and café and the ground floor transforms into a space for performances and live gigs after dark. And if you want to dance the night away – they have a cool DJ console fashioned in the hood of a dismembered fiat! How’s that for sticking to the automobile theme?

The Asian Food Cart @ Ministry of Food (Hilton Residences, Domlur)

The kitchens at the Hilton are buzzing with creativity. Every time I’ve dined there, there has been something that’s always caught my eye and my imagination. Few restaurants serve food with as much panache as the Ministry of Food. Part of the credit definitely goes to Chef Anirban Dasgupta, who seems to take pride in turning the ordinary into something extraordinary. A Street Food Fest centered around an Asian theme (including the Indian subcontinent) served as a perfect backdrop to showcase his craft. Weekday lunches are a good excuse for some theatrics, no?

Mango Mania @ Grand Mercure (Koramangala, Bangalore)

It’s very hard to keep me away from Mangoes. Considering they make their hallowed appearance once a year and all the good ones are always exported – I always give them A-one priority on my list. So when Grand Mercure announced a Mango Festival (on till the 17th of May), where everything from drinks, appetizers, main course and dessert will be mango based, I was hard pressed to say yes. Considering the hotel is practically in my backyard, I even accepted a weekday invite. Anything for good mangoes I tell you! A table under the stars was arranged for us (complete with organic mosquito repellent) and the blogger group got to work immediately. (By that I mean running around to find seats with the best lighting!). Drinks were ordered and we waited in anticipation of our first experience of the mango menu. I ordered a Mango and Apricot Mojito and was pretty sure I made the best possible choice. The other options included a mango, rum and vanilla ice cream combo and the ever popular …