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15 minute Tiramisu – for real!

I might have suddenly gone all Jamie Oliver and tried to find recipes that can be made under 15 mins. The slow food movement guys can have their leisurely life, but if I have to lovingly watch over a stew for 24 hrs, I think I might bust a blood vessel. In my defense I do Yoga and Meditation to ‘slow’ down, but all areas of my life are filled with a frenzy of activity. Tiramisu under 15 mins sounds like a bad clickbait title but I’ve tested this multiple times and it’s definitely for real. I’ve obviously not counted the time it sits languishing in the fridge before you serve it, but you need to cut me some slack for that!

Sea Salt and Chocolate covered Almond Clusters

Growing up, the only chocolate that had any kind of elevated status in our lives was Cadburys DairyMilk. Apart from it being the most widely available chocolate in India, it also tasted pretty damn delicious. Some people will argue that it was way too sweet for their liking, but that’s what I was exposed to and I loved it. When Cadburys came out with the Fruit & Nut version, I was convinced that it was the best thing that could happen to chocolate.

Basic French Crepes for Chic Breakfasts

Most weekday mornings are a harried affair of gulping down a glass of milk or yoghurt or pouring it over some store bought Muesli. On the rare occasions that the husband has been kind enough to chop up some fruit, I toss that in as well. I thought I genuinely didn’t know how my zen mornings turned into a race against time, until my sister pointed out that no one really got up and checked Facebook and Instagram… for an hour!

8 Minute Swedish Chocolate Cake

There are recipes that are easy and then there are recipes that are like WTF?! Clearly this 8 Minute Chocolate Cake falls under the second category. After scanning the recipe three times, I finally decided to give it a shot. I mean, the worst case scenario was half cooked cake batter and I was down with spooning that into a mug and calling it dessert. But, but, but …. It worked so well and was so effortlessly perfect that I had to dedicate a post to it.

Strawberry Tart with silky Pastry Cream

Strawberry season and not succumb to the luscious fruit? Not a chance. So as usual my fridge is stocked with box after box of strawberries this year. After umpteen strawberry shakes, smoothies, juices and eating the fruit dipped in chocolate (yes, that’s legit), I decided to incorporate it into a dessert. A Strawberry Tart seemed like the perfect way to enjoy the fruit without cooking it. (I’m all for jams and preserves with other fruit, but the strawberry is perfect as it is).

5 Ingredient Whiskey Truffles

I saw a gazillion posts by everyone on the 1st of Jan. Kudos to those with strong wills and/or exemplary planning to have a post go out on the New Year. I’m lazy laidback and see no reason to get my panties in a bunch because I missed a momentous occasion to post. The same message spun around in 100 different ways, on one day, probably leads to message fatigue…probably. 😛 Rationalizing it in my head – it’s probably better that I’m saying Happy New Year a couple of days into 2016 when everyone’s hangover has subsided.

Marble Cake and An Ode to Casa Piccola

This might be very Bangalore centric but I’m sure anyone who’s seen one of their favorite/old eateries shut down, can connect to what I’m saying. Casa Piccola has be serving Bangalore fun and affordable European cuisine from 1979 and the Devtha Plaza location was definitely all the school and office goers favorite. If there was one place I remember frequenting as a kid for burgers and pizza’s and spaghetti – it was Casa’s. Many a date has been arranged here, with the friends sitting at the next table and sniggering away, while the poor boy was left wondering whether he did something wrong! If there is one restaurant that I’ve actually eaten every dish on the menu – it was at Casa’s. We even knew the waiters by name and some of them have worked in the establishment forever and a day. My favorite dish was Pasta Fungi – Pasta and mushrooms in a white sauce. (As a child with limited French vocabulary I was afraid to order it because I assumed Fungi = plural …

Fluffy Sponge Cake and a Trifle Pudding

Sponge cakes are so called because they are as fluffy as a sea sponge. The air incorporated into the batter lifts the cake to make it light and irresistible. Since it is used as a base for many other desserts it’s one of the first cake recipes that I wrote down in my little black book of Baking! (Yes, I have one – though the color is more navy blue than black). There are many variations to turn out a perfect sponge. I use the method which involves creaming the eggs and sugar and adding the melted fat in the end. Some people use oil instead of butter, but I always think butter makes everything better, so you know my leanings! You can eat the sponge cake like a Victorian Sandwich – jam and whipped double cream or use it for a rolled cake like a Swiss Roll. (The flexibility of a sponge cake allows us to roll it without breaking).  I have used it as a base for the popular English Trifle. Now the …