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Cliched places to eat on a Mysore Roadtrip and why that’s still fun (Mysore, Karnataka)

Everyone is always talking about cool things to do in places. Going off the beaten path, finding that unique thing that no one has done before, that scintillating experience that the general tourist can’t lay their hands on. While I agree with all of this and more, some places still have me revisiting the tried and tested because a. it is still fun b. pretty awesome and c. clearly ‘timeless’. So I’m giving you the list of clichéd things that you can do (ok eat!) in Mysore (that pretty much the rest of the world does) but still have an amazing time! We’ll save the offbeat experiences for another post. Ready? Set. Go.

Five great cafes for a lazy breakfast in Anjuna (North Goa)

Goa for me, has becoming less about dancing at an all-night rave or nightclub and more about enjoying the food and the relaxed pace of life. An integral part of eating out, is the first meal of the day. Breakfast in Goa is more likely to be at a leisurely 11 AM and fortunately most restaurants and cafés oblige the lazy traveler. Anjuna is neither too commercial nor too quiet and I’ve found a happy medium here between doing nothing and doing something. I’ve listed some of my favourite places to grab a bite, sip a latte, read a book and generally start the day right!

Dust Trails, a Tiger and Wine on the Verandah (The Serai Bandipur)

We decided to make the best of a long weekend break in November and picked a luxury getaway over slumming it out. With an anniversary to celebrate – the extravagance seemed justified. A four hour drive on the picturesque NH17 bought us into jungle country – Bandipur (together with the adjoining Mudumalai, Nagarhole, and Wayanad sanctuaries, this area forms the largest protected reserve in South India). Before we even reached the sanctuary, we had already spotted a herd of chital, wild boars and grey langurs.

Geek is the New Cool @ Aloft Bengaluru Cessna Business Park (Sarjapur, Bangalore)

  Somebody finally decided to design a place where Bengaluru’s techie community can feel right at home. The Aloft Hotel (part of the Starwood Hotels & Resorts Inc) at Cessna Business Park mixes technology, architecture, art and music to create a cool new space that appeals to the social, tech-savy global-traveler. It literally takes geek and makes it cool! Conveniently located in the emerging IT hub of Sarjapur, bang in the middle of a tech park, it already spells business. But who said business needs to be boring? (Re:Mix Lounge, the Cessna aircraft suspended from the ceiling, Tactic – the Boardroom) If you’re the type who likes to work hard and party harder, Aloft has figured out your needs. Hash out your business plans for the year in their board rooms called Tactic or if you’re focused on developing your own cool app, ‘In-touch’– their 24 hour fully equipped, gizmo loaded office space will help. If you prefer working in a less formal setting – their lobby called the Re:Mix Lounge is a quirky mix …

Conversations Over Coffee (The Serai, Chickmagalur)

When The Serai invited eight bloggers to celebrate Woman’s Day at their lovely resort in Chickmagalur I did a double take. Really? I was swamped with work that week. I quickly asked for the names of the rest of the bloggers. I didn’t know anybody. (My interest was fading). They wanted me to come and spend two days getting fawned over and pampered. (Interest awakened). Have a look at the website, they insisted. I peeked into it reluctantly. (Wow, Desire generated). They called me back. There was a spa treatment involved, Will I be able to make it? (Resolve weakened). I cancelled my meeting. I was going to the Serai! We met at the Café Coffee Day Square on Lavelle road. (Serai and CCD are owned by the same parent company). After introducing ourselves and tucking into the breakfast at CCD, we got ourselves into a minivan and drove out of the city. It’s amazing how ten women who have never met before can talk till their jaws drop. No need for introductions, thank you …

Souza Lobo (Calangute Beach, North Goa)

Like every self respecting yuppie Indian, who was exposed to the wonderland that is Goa at a young age, I come to consider it my second home. A Goan may frown upon this notion or ignore it altogether, but for me the feeling of belonging in Goa is so complete that, I in turn frown upon the ‘other’ tourists. So leaving this merry-go-around of who the state belongs to, let me get down to business to talk about one of my favorite places to eat while I’m there. I generally avoid the Calangute side of the beach like the plague because it is so packed with tourists at any time of the year. Hordes and hordes of buses will dump their beach hungry populace there and to cater to their needs the area has become a densely populated commercial hub. But I must trudge my way through the fat man in a baniyan and the lady with the wailing kid and the beggars who plead with interesting British accents and the Romeo’s basking in their …

Hot Chocolate Con Churros

From a quaint little cafe in Barric Gotic, Barcelona I had walked a good three hours taking in the sights and sounds (crazy tourists!) of this old-new city in summer. I was looking for something to drink, preferably cold. A nice little dessert would also be great, while my brain indulged in some people watching. I finally found the ideal spot – a small cafe, tucked away but still on the main street. Wooden floors, deep red couches and a bottle green ceiling. Unfortunately they only served Hot Chocolate at 4 pm. I couldn’t walk away now, so I ordered a bottle of cold water and asked him to get me a mug. He placed the cold water in front of me and ambled away. There was no sign of him for a good third of an hour. No matter, I had people to analyse. He finally returned with a steaming cup of hot chocolate. Thick, gooey and almost the consistency of melted chocolate. Was this for real? And then he placed freshly made Churros sprinkled with sugar. Quaint little cafe’s can …