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New (chic) kid on the block – Misu (St. Marks Road)

Pan-Asian restaurants are cropping up all over Bangalore and MISU on St. Marks Road makes a chic entry. Seeing the crowds at the launch parties and the days following it, I’m inclined to believe that this place is going to be a favorite among the swish set. And rightly so because the food is delicious, the ambience hip and the drinks potent enough to keep you in rocking spirits the entire night!

Misu throws out a city-chic vibe that is drawing the yuppie crowds in by the hoards. The wall mural of the Asian girl with different colored eyes, anchors the whole space and has now become a favorite photo-op for instagrammers. The mural is inspired by the owners – Pratiksha and Amit’s cat and is an ode to her unique eye coloring! The long corridor that leads up to it is flanked on one side by tall bar stools that overlook the bustling St.Marks Road below and the other side has more comfortable seating for larger groups. The mirrored ceiling, the golden yellow lighting and hip music all add to Misu’s charms and make this a perfect setting for dinner and drinks with friends.

The drinks menu sits with the pan-asian theme and offers some signature Asian inspired cocktails like the Honey Mango Margarita – a delicious blend of tequila, tripel sec, mango, honey and lime or The Hakka which has vodka, white wine, passion fruit puree, lychee juice, coconut syrup and lime! They also have a beautiful selection of Iced Tea Cocktails that are perfect for a sunny afternoon. Think Orange and Earl Grey or Ice Tea Sangrias!

Misu has picked favorites from across South East Asia for your culinary experience. Soups come piping hot with a Tom Yum from Thailand, a Vietnamese Pho and the very enticing Bakso Pork Soup from Indonesia with pork meat balls, tofu, noodles and fried shallots in pork broth!

Both the salads I tried were tangy, spicy and redolent of street food in Asia. The Spicy Pomelo Salad is a favorite with fresh Pomelo, roasted Thai Chili paste and a pink juicy prawns. The Green Mango Salad had perfectly balanced flavors with cashew nuts adding that golden crunch.

The appetizers are not your run-of-the-mill Chinese fare, though the Kung-Pao Chicken here needs a special mention for how flawlessly it was executed. The Tempura Prawns with picture-perfect blistered batter, is a sight to behold – especially with the cute little noodle fan that it comes with. (Ask for Suresh’s special Nam Pla as a dipping sauce with this!). The Soft Shell Crabs with a garlic pepper sauce also made quite the impression, especially because so few restaurants have them on their menu. If you have space, try the Ikan Pepe as well – an Indonesian delicacy of grilled fish with curry marinade steamed in a banana leaf.

If I see dumplings on the menu, damn sure I’m going to order it! The Rainbow Dumplings, true to their name make a dramatic multi-coloured entrance. Choose between bokchoy and mushrooms or chicken and basil. My vote is for the latter – spicy dumplings are a rarity, but this one was oh-so-good.

There is a whole page dedicated to Sushi, so if you’re in the mood for a light meal, this can do you good. Interesting picks include the the Fried Coconut Shrimp Rolls and the Bit Onigirazu with bacon, lettuce and tamago in a rice sandwich!

Coming to the main squeeze – Misu has a whole host of Noodles, Fried Rice and Stir fry options and the Asian food lover is going to be spoilt for choices. If you prefer a Meal in a bowl you can try the Hainanese Chicken Rice for a healthy option of steamed chicken and veggies. If you want to go the whole hog, the Khow Suey with it’s many trappings, is a fantastic choice.

Jumping onto the trendy zoodles mania (noodles made with spiralized vegetables) Misu offers a Zoodle Pad Thai. Zucchini ‘zoodles’ with tamarind sauce, bokchoy and bean sprouts. If you want a low carb lunch – you know where to find it now! 😉

Misu has gone street with their desserts. Since mangoes are still in season, don’t miss the Sticky Rice with Mango. The sticky rice is sweetened with coconut milk and the luscious alphonso mangoes make a honeyed combination. Or opt for my favourite Singapore Style Ice Cream Sandwich, where a chiffon sponge sandwich encloses green tea, lemongrass or tamarind ice cream. I loved the Lemongrass Ice Cream and would pay top dollar for a tub of that. *hint hint* Pure unadulterated goodness!

Misu opens up diners palates to some interesting eats from South East Asia while upping the game on the favorites. You won’t find them going overboard with funky plating and theatrics like most of the other restaurants today. (Or their own sibling – The Open Box). The focus here is firmly on taste and if they make good on that – I presume that’s what will keep drawing the crowds.

 All Pictures Courtesy: Misu


Building 9, 4th Floor, Halcyon Complex,

St.Marks Road,

Bangalore 560001.

+91 80 41280055

Cost : INR 1500/++ for a meal for two.

Valet Parking available.




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