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Night Market Treats @ The Fatty Bao (12th Main, Indiranagar)

A nip in the air, winter woollies and Christmas cheer all around – the holiday season is finally in swing. The Fatty Bao after bagging the “Best Pan Asian Restaurant 2017” at the Times Food Awards, has one more reason to celebrate! They are closing the year with a bang and letting us in on the festivities, with the Night Market Festival. This feast from the east will let you relive your Asian holiday shenanigans in Indirangar. The carnival atmosphere adds to the charm and gets you in the mood for some street food, grills and innovative ‘Root to Fruit’ cocktails.

Breezy Lake Views and Pan Asian Delicacies at Aroi (Sarjapur Road)

Aroi is not kidding when they call themselves a lakeview restaurant. The cheery terrace space adorned with large birdcages and rattan chairs with colourful cushions, overlooks the surprisingly well mainted Kaikondrahalli Lake. A venture by a foodie engineer called Jacksy Chan (it’s the truth) who gave up his IT career to bring the taste of South-East Asia to Bangalore – the cuisine on offer is true to its roots. Delicacies from Malaysia, China, Vietnam and Thailand vie for your attention here and with good effect!

Asia hopping and turning two @ The Fatty Bao (Indiranagar)

And just like that, Fatty is all grown up! Two, to be precise – that’s how long we’ve been regaled with glorious baos, ramen and sushi from 12th main. Celebrations start today with an anniversary menu that spans treats from 10 countries across South East Asia. Fatty’s even ensured every guest gets a chance to win a return air ticket to Singapore from Tigerair! So pack your bags and get ready to hop across Asia – maybe the culinary trail will inspire you to do the real thing 😉

Steaming Hot Dim Sum this Monsoon – Shiro (UB City, Bangalore)

Not too much is required to convince me that steaming hot Dim Sums pair wonderfully with the Indian Monsoon. The Asian version of our Chai-Pakoras offers a more eclectic spin to our rainy evenings. Shiro has always bought us some traditional flavors but never ceases to experiment with turning out some crowd pleasers as well. A festival showcasing 40 unique gourmet dim sum paired with tea and some infused cocktails, are just what the doctor ordered for July!

Bao Chica Wow Wow @ The Fatty Bao (Indiranagar)

Tis the season to be jolly, but for a whole different reason! A Bao festival at The Fatty Bao can only multiply your Christmas cheer. Fourteen different Bao’s compete for your attention till the end of this month. A mix of old favourites and new dazzlers, the #baowowfestival showcases why Fatty won Best Pan Asian Restaurant at the Times Food Awards two years in a row!

Getting Fatter – New Menu @ The Fatty Bao (Indiranagar)

The cool thing about The Fatty Bao, is that they keep it interesting. A year into opening on 12th Main and they already have a fan cult following. I unashamedly am one of the suckers who’s drawn there time and again for their unbelievably scrumptious Char Siu Bao. The Ramen lover in me also subconsciously nudges me to their Asian candy land, every time I’m in Indiranagar. (Which is no mean feat considering the plethora of dining options on that charmed road!) A new menu obviously grabs my attention and the girls and I land up on a sunny Saturday afternoon to get a little fatter.

Fun Asian Eating – Mamagoto (Indiranagar)

Fun Asian Dining and quirky interiors might be all the rage these days, but in all honesty, Mamagoto was the true pioneer in India. Mamagoto literally means to ‘play with food’ in Japanese and that’s exactly what they set out to do. Experimental, Casual, and Affordable, this place tickles me in all the right spots. It all starts with walking through the big yellow door. Let’s go have a peek shall we?

Quick Fried Rice – A Lifesaver, literally!

Chinese Cooking is an art (At least for me). So attempts of Chinese cuisine at home are few and far between. We do visit the fancy Chinese restaurant for a nice meal, but nothing beats ordering greasy Chinese food from the neighborhood restaurant and settling blissfully on the couch to watch reruns of ‘How I met your Mother’ (Or CSI Miami, if that’s your scene :P). At the end of the meal however there’s always a faint feeling of regret. And regret tastes like a swollen tongue because of the amount of MSG/ Ajinomoto that the local guys use, to kick up the taste of the food. Not nice… not nice at all! When such derailing urges strike these days, thankfully I don’t need to call the Ajinomoto joint anymore. (No, I don’t have a Chinese chef at home.) But I recently found this brand called Blue Dragon, which makes some amazing stir fry sauces. All I need to do is cut up some chicken and veggies and stir fry them quickly and toss the …