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Asia hopping and turning two @ The Fatty Bao (Indiranagar)

And just like that, Fatty is all grown up! Two, to be precise – that’s how long we’ve been regaled with glorious baos, ramen and sushi from 12th main. Celebrations start today with an anniversary menu that spans treats from 10 countries across South East Asia. Fatty’s even ensured every guest gets a chance to win a return air ticket to Singapore from Tigerair! So pack your bags and get ready to hop across Asia – maybe the culinary trail will inspire you to do the real thing 😉


You can make a meal out of the anniversary menu as Fatty has appetizers, mains, desserts and cocktails to keep with the theme. My picks in the cocktails section include the potent and smoky Master Po – Absolut, whisky, lapsang souchang tea-infused vodka and pineapple juice or the Marina Bay with absolut, martini bianco, kaffir-lime infused vodka and fresh lime. The Silk Route also makes an interesting dinner companion with Absolut and jamun fruit juice, lime and black salt!


If regular fries don’t get your goat, try Korean Kimichi fries. Spiced potato fingerlings smothered in cheese! Or make merry with the Lo Bak Go from Hong Kong – radish cakes with wild mushrooms steamed and then fried. Smothered with some sriracha and garlic sauce, these mini mooli patties can work up your appetite. If you’d rather have a version of a salad – Cambodian Chilli Eggplant and Tofu stir fried with tomatoes, sambal and scallions works very well.


The Cheng Fung, inspired by Singapore, was just up my alley. Rice dumplings simmered in a thick yellow curry with scallions. One of the highlights of the menu for me. Another one in the soupy group that caught my attention was the Saigon Bun Rieu. A Vietnamese favourite of crab in a tomato broth with vermicelli noodles, garlic, chilli and lime!


An interesting, if maybe not phenomenally different tasting appetizer, is the Carbon tiger prawn tempura. Served with Yuzu mayo, citrus salad and prawn crackers – it’s quite a sight to behold.


For Mains, you could go with a slow cooked pork stew called Bicol express or street foods from Malaysia and Singapore like Murtabak or Roti John. I settled on the Tiger Sushi Roll with spicy tamaki, cucumber and orange peel. I especially liked the orange glaze on top of the sushi – refreshing and extremely repeatable!


Dessert pays homage to the latest craze in the patisserie world – transparent jelly cakes. The Raindrop Cake makes a pretty picture with flower and fruits enclosed in jelly and fruit confetti snow and miso soil. Taste wise, it’s pretty average but if you want a diet dessert, it’s the one to have. The Sakura Winter is more understated, but hides surprises within and is my pick to end your Fatty travels.


Don’t forget to fill out the card at the end of your meal, which secures you a spot to win the giveaway from Tigerair. Happy eating folks, the festival is on till the 28th of this month.  


The Fatty Bao

610, 3rd Floor, 12th Main (Above Monkey Bar)

Off 80 Feet Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore.

Phone : +91 80 49652109

Cost : 2500/++ for a meal for two with drinks

Valet Parking available.





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