Month: July 2009

Carrot Soup for the Single Soul

Yesterday was one of the days when the co-resident was not going to be home for dinner. Considering I don’t really have any strong dislikes for any specific food groups, my options seemed endless. Cooking for one however can be quite daunting. You don’t want to go though a complicated recipe and have it turn out perfectly with no one to go “ta da” for. You also don’t want to curl on the couch with instant noodles, though trust me sometimes that’s the best way to relax. Most of my cooking revolves around what I have in my refrigerator on any given day. So a quick peak established that I would need to find a recipe that involved carrots. Everything fit into the plan perfectly as I zeroed in on Carrot Soup with Yoghurt! a. The co-resident does not consider “Soup” to be a meal, b. Carrots do not feature in his list of ‘yummy’ things to eat, c. Cold Soup?? … That was pretty much an oxymoron that I cannot be bothered to explain …

Spaghetti Friday

Mondays are strange days. You still haven’t shaken the stupor of the weekend but you know there’s loads of work to do.(sigh sigh..) Friday’s on the other hand are full of energy. Somehow the thought that the next 48 hours can be spent outside the office is enough to put that zing in anyone’s steps. So I headed home bouncing on a trampoline (well not literally), to whip up a quick but satisfying meal before catching a movie. There was a packet of Spaghetti and I was personally leaning towards a tomato based sauce but the co-resident/ husband wanted something cheesy. So the final outcome was Spaghetti in Creamy Tomato sauce with Olives. Its pretty much a throw everything in recipe, so go ahead and fine tune the quantities to suit your taste. Also I mostly cook for two (but the co-resident can easily eat for three), so my recipes serve 4 people. Well, in Indian homes we always make more than we need and feed people till they can’t eat another morsel. So a …


The reason God created Adam and Eve was that he could get a comment out of someone for what he created. If he was the only one to enjoy his creation, life would be pretty boring! In God’s footsteps… My blog’s created.. feel free to leave your thoughts on it. Also its still Day 1, so give me time to breath life into it. Also for all the people who think this blog is in anyway religiously inclined because God and Genesis is the first post, rest assured its not. So welcome to Food for Swaps and have a great weekend!