Month: April 2015

Kosha Mangsho – Bengali Mutton Curry

I am generally not encouraged to whip up Indian delicacies in my kitchen. According to my husband, the dishes pale in comparison to the ones his mom and my mom make. (#pissed). Praise for my Indian recipes (from him) are few and far between, so I have given up trying to fight the matriarchy bias and slowly relegated myself to cooking other cuisines when he’s around. There are a few things however, that he has warmed up to over the years we’ve been together – my excellent Nimbu Dal, killer Andhra Chilli Chicken, Spicy Mangalore Chicken Ghee Roast and the decadent Kosha Mangsho. In this domain he has unabashedly crowned me Queen Bee. It’s not that his opinion on my kitchen skills matter a whole lot – it’s just that I’m super competitive and I like to win…at everything. If that means sneakily perfecting a few dishes that leave no room for competition – then so be it!