Month: January 2016

Strawberry Tart with silky Pastry Cream

Strawberry season and not succumb to the luscious fruit? Not a chance. So as usual my fridge is stocked with box after box of strawberries this year. After umpteen strawberry shakes, smoothies, juices and eating the fruit dipped in chocolate (yes, that’s legit), I decided to incorporate it into a dessert. A Strawberry Tart seemed like the perfect way to enjoy the fruit without cooking it. (I’m all for jams and preserves with other fruit, but the strawberry is perfect as it is).

5 Ingredient Whiskey Truffles

I saw a gazillion posts by everyone on the 1st of Jan. Kudos to those with strong wills and/or exemplary planning to have a post go out on the New Year. I’m lazy laidback and see no reason to get my panties in a bunch because I missed a momentous occasion to post. The same message spun around in 100 different ways, on one day, probably leads to message fatigue…probably. 😛 Rationalizing it in my head – it’s probably better that I’m saying Happy New Year a couple of days into 2016 when everyone’s hangover has subsided.