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5 Ingredient Whiskey Truffles

I saw a gazillion posts by everyone on the 1st of Jan. Kudos to those with strong wills and/or exemplary planning to have a post go out on the New Year. I’m lazy laidback and see no reason to get my panties in a bunch because I missed a momentous occasion to post. The same message spun around in 100 different ways, on one day, probably leads to message fatigue…probably. 😛 Rationalizing it in my head – it’s probably better that I’m saying Happy New Year a couple of days into 2016 when everyone’s hangover has subsided.

I know the number one resolution every year for 90% of people is to lose weight. And if I need to play my cards right, the best thing to post would be a salad or a detox recipe. (Been there, done that!). But honestly, we all know that these resolutions fall out by the end of the month and we go back to our ways. So this year I propose not to cut out all the happiness from your lives. (By happiness I of course mean fat and sugar.) But to tread the middle path of moderation. I’ve tried to go crazy healthy one month only to see myself swing to the far end of the pendulum the next. This see-saw motion does nothing for the final result which resolutely sticks to the point of inertia.


So let’s tackle 2016 with a balanced approach shall we? I will eat all the things I like to eat – in moderation. Juice Fasts are fads. Fat is good (our brains run on fat). Salads do not need to be boring. I will not deprive myself of a food group to ‘try’ to look like a super thin model. I will go to the gym yoga to keep myself happy and healthy. I will walk if my final destination is less than 2 Km away. I will eat some chocolate everyday. (Chocolate = love hormones!).

Coming to which, this amazing tasting truffle packs in a flavor punch and tastes so decadent that you’ll be satisfied with one or max reach out for two. It literally melts in your mouth (so please keep it refrigerated when you’re not rolling it around your tongue!). And finally…. here’s to a balanced 2016 darlings!


Whiskey Chocolate Truffles - recipe

Whiskey Chocolate Truffles

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