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Pizza Party at Onesta (Koramangala, 4th Block)

Koramangala turns up surprises in every corner. I recently struck gold with Onesta. The lovely iron and wooden board announces that it is a Pizzeria, Panificio and Pasticceria. It basically means they serve Pizza, bread and pastries – simple, honest (that’s what Onesta means in Italian) and utterly inviting!


If you love al-fresco spaces and botanicals, Onesta will charm you right away. The outdoor space is essentially the driveway of the bungalow which is now home to wrought iron patio furniture, colorful hanging flower pots and creepers winding their way on the walls. The birdbath and the abandoned cycle adorned with potters definitely gives it the appeal of a quaint garden space. The interiors which look like an Italian Trattoria, are dominated with the wood fired oven where you can see the team at work baking pizzas and bread. At the entrance, is also a little deli where you can buy freshly baked bread.

The menu has a large selection of both veg and non-veg pizzas. The pizzas here are the thin crust variety and come in a standard 6” size. The prices start at INR 110 and the most expensive pizza is the Pepperoni at INR 159! They also have a combo offer where you get unlimited pizzas + a drink + dessert at INR 350/++ for the vegetarian selection and INR 450/++ for the non-vegetarian pizzas. (You can see why this place has risen up the popularity charts among college goers).


On one of our recent visits, we decided to give the Unlimited Combo Offer a go. I selected the non-veg option and Arv got the veg option. As soon as we were seated we were offered a bread basket with soft dinner rolls and a dollop of butter. The waiter suggested we place our drink order along with our first pizza selection and he will drop by to keep taking the rest of the orders as we ate. Sounds like he knew the drill and we obliged!


They have smoothies, coolers, coffee, tea and carbonated drinks on offer. I got myself a hot Lemon Tea (which came with a dainty nankatai) and Arv got himself a Peach Iced Tea. The Peach Iced tea was a tad too sweet for my liking, but sugar monsters will love the energy shot.


Speaking from experience, you always want to get your favourite Pizza first. No matter how hard you try, you never go halfway beyond the third pizza! (You can push the boundry and let me know, but I have failed on multiple occasions). So obviously I start with the Pepperoni Pizza. Thin crust, a thin layer of cheese and generous slices of pepperoni. I was off to a good start.


The Pizza Italia is one of my favourites here. Of course I made Arv order it. A fresh salad pizza with Arugula, Tomato and Feta Cheese. For all your weight watchers, this is a great pizza to indulge in!


The Chicken Sausage and Onion Pizza is another crowd pleaser. With red onions, bits of sausage and mushrooms on a fiery red sauce, it definitely packs a punch. Another interesting pizza is the Wasabi Mayo Chicken – chicken and mushrooms marinated in a mild wasabi mayo and served atop a white sauce pizza. Must try for the novel flavors.

They do a lovely Sun Dried Tomato Margherita Pizza. The classics are always the best. They could do with a little bit more cheese here, but nothing to complain about.


We were DONE by now. The paisa vasool tendencies will push you to order one more pizza, but I have wasted it after just a bite – so be prudent. The dessert portions are doll sized. And for once, you won’t complain. The Chilli Chocolate Tarts and the Caramel Chocolate Tarts are yum. The mousse was more a gelatin lump rather than soft and luscious. The Black Forest Pudding has satisfied sweet cravings on most occasions. So honestly – not a great place for the desserts. I however always pack some Bread to take home from Onesta. The Chocolate Prune Loaf is delectable and the Whole Wheat Bread is great for morning toast.

Onesta is an all-day dining space and is always crowded with teeny-boppers. The reasons are not hard to adjudge. The price point suits their pockets perfectly and the fare is hearty and satisfying. Even the long waiting queues at lunch and dinner don’t faze them, if anything, waiting around for a seat here gives more time for people gazing! Onesta, like Hole in the Wall, has picked up the tag of being a cool place to hang out.

P.S. They are opening an outlet in Indirangar soon.



562, 8th Main (Ooty Chocolate Road),

Koramangala 4th Block, Bangalore 560034.

+91 80 49653572

Cost : INR 800/++ for a meal for two.

Parking – On the road.

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  1. Sounds awesome… top on the list now.. always have trouble narrowing down on a place to go in Koramangala… what with so many being there.. Can the combos be shared?


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