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A Wheat Loaf that doesn’t need kneading!

Yes, I’ve been lazy again. But it was the lazy people that invented the wheel and the bicycle because they didn’t like walking or carrying things (Lech Walesa). In my case, as established before, I hate kneading bread. I probably need the arm exercise but it just bores me to pound around a ball of dough. Maybe some people use it as a form of stress relief, but I can think of more creative options to gain back my sanity. So it’s not very surprising that I’m always on the hunt for things that say no-knead. If there’s no need to knead (ha ha ha), I’m in!


I’ve been lusting over homemade bread for a while now, so this recipe is fair game for the weekend. It’s the smell that gets me actually – ALL. THE. TIME. Even as a kid I was inexplicably drawn to Bangalore’s famous Iyengar Bakery because of the enchanting aroma of freshly baked bread. It’s another story that I landed up buying honey cake, aloo bun, masala toast, dilkush and other strange Iyengar delicacies in addition to the bread – but it was always the bread that lured me first.


Over the years however, the super-soft almost pasty texture of bread made by our local bakeries has lost its appeal. I now prefer a much chewier bread with some character. My current favorites include a nice ciabatta or a crusty baguette or a delicious multigrain loaf. While my personal preference does not veer towards whole wheat loaves – the husband has now markedly decided that he prefers the healthier alternative to plain refined flour or maida. It’s not often that I cater to his whims and fancies, but there’s no harm in indulging him once in a while right? 😉 This recipe is the quickest way to achieve maximum brownie points with minimum effort – exactly my kinda gig!

P.S. Cut yourself a chunky slice – top with good quality salad tomatoes and arugula. Dress with EVOO and dust with fleur de sel. Delicioso!


Whole Wheat Loaf - Recipe

Whole Wheat Loaf - Nutrition


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