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New (chic) kid on the block – Misu (St. Marks Road)

Pan-Asian restaurants are cropping up all over Bangalore and MISU on St. Marks Road makes a chic entry. Seeing the crowds at the launch parties and the days following it, I’m inclined to believe that this place is going to be a favorite among the swish set. And rightly so because the food is delicious, the ambience hip and the drinks potent enough to keep you in rocking spirits the entire night!

Rim Naam has a new Mistress of Spice (The Oberoi, MG Road)

I am always struck by absolute disbelief when I step into the serene restaurant by the water – ‘Rim Naam’. Considering The Oberoi is located on the bustling M.G.Road, this oasis of beauty and calm is a treat for the senses. Cross over the plush gardens, step into the faux rock cave and gently tip toe your way over the bridge into a wooden structure reminiscent of river restaurants in Thailand. Why, the little gurgling waterfall and the spectacular Koi in the water body surrounding it, will definitely make you feel that way. Rim Naam has been synonymous with fine dining in Bangalore – there is no other place that offers such an enchanting ambience coupled with equally enchanting food. The restaurant has a new mistress of Spice all the way from the Isaan province in Thailand. If that’s not cause for celebration, I don’t know what is?!

Thai Food Festival @ Feast, Sheraton Bangalore Hotel (Malleshwaram)

Spicy, Tangy and Aromatic – the unique character profile of Thai food that finds almost instant appeal everywhere. Thai food always ranks as one of the most popular cuisines in the world, and it’s no surprise that Bangaloreans have taken to it enthusiastically. Like Indian Cusine, Thai food differs substantially by region. While Thai Red Curry and Phad Thai have its loyal fan base, there is a lot more variety that begs to be tried. While seafood and curries with fresh herbs are favored in the south, you will find the spiciest food and meat based dishes popular in the northeast. Whatever the region, the ideal Thai meal is a harmonious blend of the spicy, the subtle, the sweet and sour, and is meant to be equally satisfying to the eye, nose and palate.

On Trial – Chef’s Basket Recipe Kits

Busy lives have a direct correlation to the number of times a packet of Maggi is ripped open for dinner. Unfortunately as I’ve grown older and more conscientious of what goes into my system, the packet of Maggi doesn’t fit into the scheme of things (often at least: P). But a hungry tummy needs to be fed, and though going out for dinner or ordering in seems the most logical option – we can now add one more avenue into the mix. Recipe Kits with a complete set of ingredients and minimal prep and cooking time to rustle up World cuisine at home! Chef’s Basket sent me two of their recipe kits and I put it to the test last week.

A Special Pork Themed Lunch @ Hunan (Koramangala, Bangalore)

A couple of us pork loving fiends (from the Bangalore Foodies Club) decided to meet up on a balmy Sunday afternoon, to partake in a special feast created just for us by Chef Pema at Hunan. Our directions were very simple – every course he served should have pork as the star. (We made a concession for dessert – though it would have been fun to see a pork based dessert!). I have visited Hunan on innumerable occasions and have always come away pleased with the food and the wonderful service. There are very few stand alone Asian restaurants that serve pork and I for one am a fan of anyone who does!  The motley crew of Pork lovers started the afternoon with a chilled Asti (Hunan has a wine license J ) – a toast to food, fun and friendship, a lovely gentleman chimed in. ‘Aye aye!’, we chimed in unison as the wonderful smell of the Pork Gyoza wafted in! A gyoza is very similar to a dumpling and is more popular in …

Thai Fish Cakes with Coriander, Lime Mayo

I love fish cakes. Especially the ones made with Sear fish. Sear fish is a delicacy in South India and Sri Lanka and is generally the costliest fish in the market after Pomfret. In Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu it’s called “Vanjaram” and in Kerala its christened “Neimeen”. Some people also refer to them as king mackerels. I am partial to the seer, because a. it’s an ocean fish, b. it cooks beautifully in a curry or a fry, c. It’s isn’t riddled with too many bones, d. It’s so tasty! My mom-in-law makes the best fish cutlets (south Indian style with loads of masala!) and the co-resident can’t stop eating them. Since I can’t compete with the mother recipe, I din’t try to replicate it. Instead I found one that uses thai red curry paste to give a fantastic spin to the basic fishcake recipe. It’s really simple to make. You can even make the cakes in advance and refrigerate them, just pull out and fry before serving. Now isn’t that what we all …