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Hot Chocolate Con Churros

From a quaint little cafe in Barric Gotic, Barcelona
I had walked a good three hours taking in the sights and sounds (crazy tourists!) of this old-new city in summer. I was looking for something to drink, preferably cold. A nice little dessert would also be great, while my brain indulged in some people watching. I finally found the ideal spot – a small cafe, tucked away but still on the main street. Wooden floors, deep red couches and a bottle green ceiling. Unfortunately they only served Hot Chocolate at 4 pm. I couldn’t walk away now, so I ordered a bottle of cold water and asked him to get me a mug. He placed the cold water in front of me and ambled away. There was no sign of him for a good third of an hour. No matter, I had people to analyse. He finally returned with a steaming cup of hot chocolate. Thick, gooey and almost the consistency of melted chocolate. Was this for real? And then he placed freshly made Churros sprinkled with sugar. Quaint little cafe’s can do that you know….transport you into another world with fairy dust.

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