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Basic French Crepes for Chic Breakfasts

Most weekday mornings are a harried affair of gulping down a glass of milk or yoghurt or pouring it over some store bought Muesli. On the rare occasions that the husband has been kind enough to chop up some fruit, I toss that in as well. I thought I genuinely didn’t know how my zen mornings turned into a race against time, until my sister pointed out that no one really got up and checked Facebook and Instagram… for an hour!

After some soul searching (that involved looking at a watch), I had to reluctantly admit that I was addicted to reading every post and news article and take every random test that popped up on FB. If that wasn’t a time sucker, I also HAD to check my Insta feed, lest I miss some fabulous new dessert that some utterly talented homebaker had cooked up out of thin air. If I was even half as zealous as moving my butt to yoga class every morning, I wouldn’t have to mourn that age was taking a toll on my less than perfect mid-section.


You are going to be disappointed to know, that I didn’t have any major epiphanies and change my wastrel ways. All I have done is entered a to-do item in the spiffy ‘Wunderlist’ that reminds me to ‘Spend less time on FB and Insta’. Wow…like seriously wow! But rants aside, I have moved the mindless browsing to late at night and though it eats into nap time, it at least spares my breakfast.

Here’s a recipe for Basic Crepes that should be in everyones repertoire. The above post has NOTHING to do with crepes, but I assumed if we are talking about breakfast, we might as well talk about my lack of time to eat a proper one! This one can be whipped up easily enough on harried mornings, but I suggest you save it for the weekend so that you can savor it with a sprinkling of sugar and lemon juice. Or with ‘Orange Marmalade’ or ‘Nutella and Bananas’ or ‘Strawberries and Cream’ or ‘Chocolate Sauce’ or … whatever the hell you like.


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