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8 Minute Swedish Chocolate Cake

There are recipes that are easy and then there are recipes that are like WTF?! Clearly this 8 Minute Chocolate Cake falls under the second category. After scanning the recipe three times, I finally decided to give it a shot. I mean, the worst case scenario was half cooked cake batter and I was down with spooning that into a mug and calling it dessert. But, but, but …. It worked so well and was so effortlessly perfect that I had to dedicate a post to it.

I’m an OCD type person in most aspects of my life (I have an excel sheet to tab what I wore to work, ok…. just for important meetings). So in theory, baking should be something that I should automatically love, given its preoccupancy with precise measurements and processes et all. However, if I see anything in the recipe that calls for sifting, proving, resting and frosting – I run a mile. The pastry shop around the corner does a dang job of icing that cake and adding sprinkles – I just don’t see why I need to do it. I gravitate towards recipes that have taglines like Quick, Easy, Just 5 Ingredients, One Pot – you get the general storyline, right?


I like the idea that I can toss something together, pop it in the oven, go to check on my cats sleeping patterns and by the time I run down the stairs – the dish is ready. It’s almost divine providence that I found this recipe. The Swedes call it Kladdkaka, I consciously choose to ignore that name because it reminds me of something completely unsavory in India. (Not going there…. No, really… I’m Not). So I call it the 8 minute Chocolate Cake. Simple is my middle name.

P.S. Dust the cake with some cocoa / powdered sugar to give it more pizzaz. I used a 10” springform pan and the slices were really svelte. I think a 9” inch/ 8” inch pan would be best. I’ve seen some people get adventurous and use a loaf tin for chunky wedges – maybe I’ll try that soon. Like in 8 minutes.


Swedish Chocolate Cake


  1. Read your article on DH. I personally like Nigella Lawson and her style of cooking. Having known your dad myself – I liked your reference to him in that article. I’m sure he would have been really happy to read about your gastronomic explorations. I’m sure you’ve seen “Julie and Julia”. Your blog so reminds me of that. Keep writing girl.


      • Rajiv says

        Nope. I was your neighbour in 4th cross Vasanth Nagar. We’d seen so much of him. His collection of books was also something I admired back then.


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