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Banana, Walnut and Honey Loaf

I make many variations of Banana Bread at home. It’s easy and the ingredients are always available in my pantry. Add to it the fact that I still haven’t come across a Banana bread that has failed me. That’s a big seller in my repertoire of recipes. You deliver what you promise and I will love your forever. (Take a hint hubby… and random colleagues I work with :P)


I’m trying to eschew buying sugar bombed cereal and the very deceptive ‘healthy’ muesli as well. So breakfast becomes a bit of a challenge considering you actually have to ‘make’ something rather than pour the contents out of a box. A protein shake might work for most people, but my zen comes in the form of chewing some solid food as I read the morning newspaper. I ruminate…therefore I am.


Banana bread comes together rather easily and you can just pop it in the oven the previous evening and let its delicious aroma waft around the house. Come morning, just cut yourself a slice – slather on some good butter and you have yourself a powerhouse brekkie that will last you till lunch. And do yourself a favour and take a couple of slices for your workmates. Who said being the office darling was difficult?


Banana Walnut honey loaf

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