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Five great cafes for a lazy breakfast in Anjuna (North Goa)

Goa for me, has becoming less about dancing at an all-night rave or nightclub and more about enjoying the food and the relaxed pace of life. An integral part of eating out, is the first meal of the day. Breakfast in Goa is more likely to be at a leisurely 11 AM and fortunately most restaurants and cafés oblige the lazy traveler. Anjuna is neither too commercial nor too quiet and I’ve found a happy medium here between doing nothing and doing something. I’ve listed some of my favourite places to grab a bite, sip a latte, read a book and generally start the day right!

Kale, Banana and Soy Milk Smoothie

I’m making a conscious effort to eat less meat these days. Which essentially means that I’m reading up a lot more on vegetarianism/ veganism and every other form of ‘ism’ that will help me see the light. It started I think two years ago, with Michael Pollen’s book – ‘The Omnivores Dilemma’. After experiencing the gamut of ways humans can eat and survive – from hunting-gathering to pure industrialized food, he arrives at a simple statement. “Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly Plants”.

A Toast to Health @ Smoke House Deli (Lavelle Road)

Eating out for the health conscious has always been an uphill task. If you add the group of people who have unique dietary requirements like Vegans, Paleo, Gluten free and GMO free – you are assured of not finding anything edible on a conventional menu. It’s almost like eating out and being healthy are at odds with each other and no one ever thought to breach that divide – until now. Smoke House Deli aims to remove the guilt of eating out by catering to our health goal needs. And they’ve worked really hard to make it lip-smackingly delicious as well!

Moroccan Couscous Salad with Roasted Veggies and Mango-Chilli Dressing

I love myself a good salad. Most leafy salads are great as an addition to a main course, but if I need to eat only that for lunch or dinner, it better be a filling one. It’s easy to bulk up salads with rice or pasta but my latest obsession has been the light and fluffy couscous. This North African staple of steamed semolina has now found a permanent spot in my pantry for those healthy but ravenous days.

Guacamole – Mexican Avacado Dip

Guacamole (gwaka – mo – lee) is part of Mexican cuisine that originated with the Aztecs. It essentially means a sauce (mole) made with ahucatyl (avocado). Its popularity spiked with American football games and now it’s a household dip of choice in America! India is just warming up to the idea of guacamole as Mexican cuisine gains popularity. When I was a little kid, my dad used to mash up avocados with sugar and we used to enjoy them chilled. We called it Butter Fruit Ice Cream 🙂 So I am already a big fan! I love guacamole but it is really difficult to make. The difficulty arises not in the process but in the sourcing of ripe avocados. There have been more than a dozen times that I have come home happy with avocados and then been a grouch when I cut into them and realized they are unripe or a brown slimy mess! And seriously there are no failsafe options to figure this out. Every time I cut into an unripe avocado, I …

Carrots and Vegan Food (Koramangala, Bangalore)

No, I haven’t turned vegetarian or vegan (Not anytime soon at least)! Two reviews of vegetarian restaurants in a month, does raise its suspicions – but I assure you this was purely coincidental. A completely enraptured with bacon-and-all-things-that-crawl friend, suggested we head to Carrots for a weekday lunch. I had to wrap my head around two things a. Did he have a sinister plan in his head and b. was the name of the restaurant really Carrots?! The answer to both was a resounding yes! The name board of the restaurant is a ‘blink and you miss it’ size – so use the 80ft road bus depot/ Legends of Rock as a landmark, if you don’t want to drive around in circles. I entered the restaurant and was greeted by cane furniture, some art on the walls and bamboo plants on every table. A specialty store (rack) selling vegan and organic goodies was strategically located next to the blackboard menu with the day’s specials. The evil friend arrived and I set about trying to dissect …

Cannellini Bean Dip

Featured in on 5th Dec 2012 Featured in on 5th Dec 2012 If you ever get bored of eating hummus (highly unlikely) this dip will easily fill the void. And ‘easily’ is the key word here. It takes all of 5 mins to whip this up and you can flaunt it around in your guest’s faces as some exotic dish. Unless of course, the guest happens to be my Mom. In that case, the story will differ. She will just take a whiff of it and declare with uber confidence that – ‘it’s just a form of Rajma… white in this case’ – chapter closed. All tales of how you bought it from GNB and paid 150 rupees for a 400gm can will vanish from memory because you don’t want to be cut down to size! The next debate will clearly be on why I eat such ‘processed’ food when I can just head down to the market in the morning and pick up some fresh organic stuff. And the final closing argument …