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Kale, Banana and Soy Milk Smoothie

I’m making a conscious effort to eat less meat these days. Which essentially means that I’m reading up a lot more on vegetarianism/ veganism and every other form of ‘ism’ that will help me see the light. It started I think two years ago, with Michael Pollen’s book – ‘The Omnivores Dilemma’. After experiencing the gamut of ways humans can eat and survive – from hunting-gathering to pure industrialized food, he arrives at a simple statement. “Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly Plants”.

I went about four months of eschewing all meat and honestly it wasn’t that difficult except in social situations and when my mom-in-law made her famous garlic mutton. In these four months, my eating range didn’t diminish. In fact, I needed to get creative to satisfy the gaping hole in my diet that came from giving up meat. So I actually tried a lot more recipes and strange vegetables that my meat-eating self probably would have experimented with. (Case in point – a lovely Tinda fry from Rajasthan). I was also helped along by my brother-in-law who started focusing more on the Vegan lifestyle. So creativity sprang to new heights – No meat, eggs, dairy and not even honey. How do you make anything even edible?!


This post is not a sermon on what not to eat. It’s just a peak into the awesome things that can be made if we step outside the basic meat and potatoes regime. It’s a bit clichéd I agree – with Kale, the new superfood. Just one glass of this will cover double your Vitamin A & C requirements for a day! It’s a wonderful concoction of health and the vegans in the audience will be very pleased to know it contains 12 gms of Protein. That’s more than your standard two egg omelette!

I’m still figuring out which side of the fence I want to be. For now, I’m settling with Michael’s advice and will see where that takes me in a couple of months.


Kale Smoothie - Recipe

Kale Smoothie - Nutrition


    • Hey Thanks goodfoodglobetrotter. Always nice to get the lowdown on stuff that we are not familiar eating. Yes, this works brilliantly with Spinach as well 🙂


  1. I usually try this recipe with spinach but will try it with kale. Though its recommended to cook kale as it breaks down the goitrogens present in kale which can affect thyroid hormone synthesis . Of course small amounts of raw kale us not going to effect thyroid function. This information appeared in issue 161 Wellbeing magazine by Dr Kare Brudgman. …www.wellbeing.com.au


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