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Moroccan Couscous Salad with Roasted Veggies and Mango-Chilli Dressing

I love myself a good salad. Most leafy salads are great as an addition to a main course, but if I need to eat only that for lunch or dinner, it better be a filling one. It’s easy to bulk up salads with rice or pasta but my latest obsession has been the light and fluffy couscous. This North African staple of steamed semolina has now found a permanent spot in my pantry for those healthy but ravenous days.


I’ve turned into a slacker in the kitchen. I want everything to look and taste amazing but I don’t want to slave over the stove. My quest these past few months has been to scrounge for recipes that deliver on all my high expectations. Anything that can be created in less than 30 mins and taste ah-mazing always pulls at my heart strings or more specifically my gut, so this salad is slowly rising up the popularity charts for weekday meals. I’ve also served this on the side of Lamb Chops and Grilled Chicken and it’s completely elevated the experience. I also make a large batch of the salad so I can pack this for lunch the next two days. Ta da! So net-net, this baby is definitely making waves in my household.


Don’t beat yourself about making everything from scratch – there is no joy is giving up nap time for something that will vanish from your plate in 10 mins. The slacking road is filled with short cuts – canned chickpeas, easy serve couscous and dressing in a bottle. All it needs, is you popping the veggies in the oven for a quick roast while you attend to more important tasks…like cuddling with your cats. 😉

Couscous Salad

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