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Creamy Avocado Pesto

When it is Avocado season, I go mad using avocados in every possible recipe. My dear husband is flabbergasted because the only recipe per him, that does justice to an avocado is Guacamole. Inevitably there is always a batch in the fridge for him, but I need more creative uses for the lovely stone fruit.

Pesto is my one true love and as you know, I always come up with ways to sneak it into my meals. When I was browsing through a Pasta cookbook, I unfortunately chanced upon the calorie count of pesto. Not happy. For some odd reason, I presumed that since pesto was green goodness of basil leaves and pine nuts and olive oil and Parmesan, it was low cal. I was clearly mistaken. It packs in the same number of calories as a tub of cream! To add to my dismay, I also liked to add cream to my pesto to make a creamy pesto pasta! Sigh. Ignorance is truly bliss.


I hit 35 this year (OMG. Yes.) and have consciously resolved to take better care of my health. Gone are the days when I thought demolishing a buffet lunch was a superpower. (It still is and I come out tops compared to the boys, but it’s not doing anything for my waistline!). So in this quest to become healthier, I’ve been looking for alternatives to my indulgent meals but with a caveat – it needs to be finger licking good! This is step one in my get healthier and sexier plan. It does not involve forgoing food. (That was be blasphemy to me).  What it does involve, is being more conscious and mindful of what I eat.

But enough of me boring you with my proposed life strategies, let’s get back to the Creamy Avocado Pesto. The multitude of uses that it can be put to is amazing – as a pasta sauce, spread for your toast, as a filling for ravioli with cottage cheese, or a mixture for deviled eggs. So put this one in your recipe kitty and get cracking. (This is also a Vegan recipe – so invite that vegan friend over and surprise them with a fabulous meal).

Avocado Hack: One way of keeping the final sauce bright green is to store it along with the stone from the fruit. Layer the sauce in a bowl and place the stone in the center. Then take a piece of cling wrap and press down on the sauce so that no part of the surface is exposed to air. You can happily store this in the fridge for 4 days.





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