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A Toast to Health @ Smoke House Deli (Lavelle Road)

Eating out for the health conscious has always been an uphill task. If you add the group of people who have unique dietary requirements like Vegans, Paleo, Gluten free and GMO free – you are assured of not finding anything edible on a conventional menu. It’s almost like eating out and being healthy are at odds with each other and no one ever thought to breach that divide – until now. Smoke House Deli aims to remove the guilt of eating out by catering to our health goal needs. And they’ve worked really hard to make it lip-smackingly delicious as well!

Chocolate Torte in Twenty (Flourless Chocolate Cake)

I know I’m a day late, but Merry Christmas nevertheless! I had planned to put up a Christmassy recipe, but after seeing the blogosphere jam packed with everything plum pudding-y and fruit cake-y and mince meat pie-y, I decided otherwise. I’m no expert in this area anyway, so why bother trying?! With my friend coming down to town, my mom’s birthday and finally Christmas – the past week had so many things happening all at once, that I’ve had an overdose of going out and partying (No, Seriously!). All I wanted to do today was withdraw into my cocoon (curl up into a ball under my quilt) and read a book. A nice chocolate something for company, would be a bonus. I had two bars of glorious dark chocolate with cocoa nibs stashed away for just such an occasion. Of course slaving over the stove (or oven in this case) and curling up under the quilt seem like two diametrically opposite goals. But the Chocolate Torte is hardly a culinary taskmaster! So twenty minutes later, …