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German Sliced Apple Cake for an early Christmas

This is the cake you make when you have a bounty of Apples from the farm or you have a large number of people around the dinner table and you need a dessert that smells like Christmas. I like making non-fussy desserts – a bowl of ice cream with hot chocolate sauce, a large slice of chocolate cake, a decadent brownie or a fruit bowl with custard. This is not to say I don’t like a frilly mielle fuielle, or a triple layered cheesecake – it’s just that I don’t have the skill or the patience to attempt it. When I need to serve a fancy dessert, I just buy it from a patisserie and that’s that. Why mess with the experts, no?

My family tends towards chocolate and anything that doesn’t have it, is banished to the back of the refrigerator. Then there’s me – trying to convince myself that I will only eat one piece of it and no more, but failing miserably as it accompanies both breakfast, lunch and my evening tea! The solution falls in a non-optimal zone – I either make only chocolate desserts or make midget size portions of a fruit based one. Only recently have I had the urge to scrounge pinterest for that elusive unicorn of a fruit dessert that will have everyone asking for more.


When I first discovered the recipe, I was pretty sure I’d be the only one eating it. German Apple Strudel’s are quite popular, but this cake recipe was probably invented by someone who got bored with puff pastry and/or freaked out at the mound of butter you need to make one. I of course narrowed down on it, because it’s a one bowl mix and bake kinda gig, which suits my impatient tendencies perfectly.

This is a homestyle cake – comely, cozy and perfect for sharing. It came out of the oven smelling gorgeous, but it looked so very ‘Oridnary’. Pray, how to jazz this beauty up to ensure a lovely end to the meal? My Bourbon Crème Anglaise to the rescue! Together they are such a match made in heaven, that even I can’t help feeling like a niggly old matchmaker.


German Sliced Apple Cake

German Sliced Apple Cake Nutrition



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