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German Sliced Apple Cake for an early Christmas

This is the cake you make when you have a bounty of Apples from the farm or you have a large number of people around the dinner table and you need a dessert that smells like Christmas. I like making non-fussy desserts – a bowl of ice cream with hot chocolate sauce, a large slice of chocolate cake, a decadent brownie or a fruit bowl with custard. This is not to say I don’t like a frilly mielle fuielle, or a triple layered cheesecake – it’s just that I don’t have the skill or the patience to attempt it. When I need to serve a fancy dessert, I just buy it from a patisserie and that’s that. Why mess with the experts, no?

Sich Treffen at Cafe Max (CMH Road, Indiranagar)

Exam times during college meant meeting up at Café Max on Lavelle road for a group study session. This ‘sich treffen’ or meet up, almost never resulted in any studying but always resulted in a good cup of coffee and fantastic apple strudel. The café has been a part of Max Mueller Bhavan/ The Goethe-Institut for as long as it has existed. When the institute shifted to CMH road in Indiranagar, the little café followed. Formerly run by a German resident who made the most delectable Wednesday Brunch spread, it has now passed hands to new management. I visited it for the first time since the change (over a year?) for a quick weekday lunch. Did it pass muster?

Of Picket Fences and a Lavender Door – Cafe of Joy (Whitefield Main Road, Bangalore)

Now ‘quaint’ is a word that is loosely used with a lot of cafes in Bangalore – a practice that must stop, after visiting the Café of Joy. This café can now claim monopoly of the term, with its picket fences, an all white theme with lavender accents and the most interesting knick knacks! If not for the in-your-face-signage of Bhagini restaurant next door, I could almost imagine that I stepped into a gorgeous café in the German countryside. And I’m not saying that because of the cute figurines of the German baker couple, or the little white cow milk pourers, or the cow butter dishes, or the fact that the board says Brot.Gateaux.Biscotti. (Ok, that is very German :P) But I’m game for a little round of active imagination and if their desire was to transport me to a European café – game well played! We heard that apart from cakes, artisanal breads, and baked goodies (produced at their on-site bakery) they also serve lunch. So on Saturday, a really talented baker friend and …