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Salad Pizza – for real!

It’s an oxymoron, Salad Pizza. But seemingly disparate things do seem to find a place in my heart and my kitchen. I can’t really take credit for this pizza idea. I chanced across this in a darling little pizza joint that’s opened close to my house. (Review soon enough…). Tomatoes and Arugula on a Crisp Pizza base! With the recent bumper luck of arugula availability at my door step – it’s also super easy to make.

Now the question might arise as to why I want to bastardize a completely unhealthy indulgence like Pizza, with bunch of greens. Well, let’s just say I’m veering a bit towards the health wagon these days, having officially been chastised at the gym for being a slacker. I figured if I’m not going to be working out or exercising, I might as well pay attention to what goes into my mouth!


But really, the real reason you ought to make this, like I did – is because it’s so freaking fabulous. I mean, I pay good money at this pizza place to eat this thing. So after slyly dissecting the ingredients on the third visit, I decided I’m going to give it a shot at home.

There is this fantastic salad I make pretty often – Arugula, Tomatoes and Bocconcini drizzled with Pesto (click for recipe). Instead of just Tomatoes and Arugula on Pizza, I decided to replicate my salad ON a Pizza. So after some deep meditation on the order of slathering on the ingredients, I have arrived at Salad Pizza Zen.

Excuse me while I go shove my face with fabulousness.


Salad Pizza

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