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Goan Sausage Chilli Fry

I always have a Goa Hangover. Every time I visit the place I get back little pieces of Goa to cling to, till I can actually visit again. People will get back souvenirs, but for me it’s always been about the food. The Goa Pao, the Balchao, the Xacuti masala, the Rum Balls, the Bebinca and the Chourico.


Now, the Chourico is something special. Similar to the Portuguese Chorizo but infinitely more interesting because of its Goan commingling. The chourico is endemic to Goa’s Christian community and is sold all over the state. You will see ladies with a large wicker basket hawking garlands of this sausage at all the local markets. Pork meat is mixed with a paste made from soaked red chillies, salt, palm vinegar, garlic and spices. This deep red, heady mix is then crafted into 2 inch plump sausages that smell divine. (They don’t LOOK particularly appealing, but we’re not shallow :P)


But the easier (and probably more hygienic) way to get it, is to just pop into any Goan supermarket and hit the local section. A variety of manufacturers sell these sausages in Goa and you should have no difficulty finding them. They are generally found next to the prawn pickles and balchaos, so feel free to add to your loot. Since the pork meat is almost pickled, they keep quite well out of the fridge, so it should be no problem transporting it.

The best way to eat these sausages is sauteed with onions and potatoes over some hot yeasty Goan pao. The fat from the Pork is redolent of the spicy chilli and vinegar flavours and is probably the best part of this dish. Don’t forget to dunk your bread in it!

Goan Sausage Chilli Fry

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