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Breakfast and Gossip @ Church Street Social

I hate having to get up at unearthly hours on a weekend (10 AM of course) to catch breakfast at a decent joint. Church Street Social serves Breakfast throughout the day. That’s reason enough for me to like them. I also like their industrial design, quirky prints, funky trays and fun drinks, but we’re not focusing on that today. We are paying homage to bacon and sausages and pancakes and eggs and French toast and sugar and spice and everything nice. Just like God intended. Word.

They don’t have valet parking in the morning, but they also don’t have the mad crowds that throng this place every hour of the day post 12 PM. So you win some and you lose some. Shimmy in and you have a variety of seating options. I always like the big tables next to the windows, although if it’s just two of you, the leather couches are way more comfortable. The menu is a newspaper style roll shoved casually in a box made of wooden rulers with a toilet roll moonlighting as a hand towel. If you didn’t believe me when I said quirky décor – this should resolve all doubt. My attention is focused on the first page of the menu – ‘Brekkers like a boss’ is clearly up my alley. Though someday I hope to get a little less greedy (or healthy) and just order assorted fruits with yoghurt and granola chunks. (like nevaaaa!)
Four of us – four different breakfast trays – four different sources of gossip. Life is so worth it some days! Here’s a picture review – just because there’s only so much I can rave about hash browns.

Hardy’s Bhai Istyle Breakfast: Rs.250/- 
Ok, we ordered it just because the name was so ishtylish! A choice between Kheema Ghotala or Bun Omlette (the pest of a friend decided to be sorely unadventurous and order the Bun Omlette), Bun Maska, Cutting Masala Chai and Khari Biscuit. First of – too much Bun! Two Bun omlettes and one bun maska – even for an ‘ahem’ bun lover, it’s way too much. The Bun Maska has so much butter that if you ever wanted paisa vasool – this one would count towards it. Khari biscuit and cutting chai are a match made in heaven, so who are we to put asunder what God unites :P.


Sid’s Very Posh Breakfast: Rs. 250/- 
Who can resist the so called ‘English Breakfast’? Two eggs any style, baked beans, grilled tomatoes, Hash browns, sausages, toast, preserves and English breakfast tea/ coffee! They could have totally upped the ante on this one by serving pork sausages instead of chicken – but I understand how this appeals to the larger audience. Hash browns were suspiciously McCain like, but that’s not going to reduce the overall marks for this tray. Comforting, enjoyable and just enough to enjoy that beautiful breakfast tea in the end.
Riyaaz’s Breakfast of Champions: Rs. 350/-
The most expensive tray on the menu – but definitely worth the moolah. Order this if, and only if, you have a large appetite! (It’s not called breakfast of champions for nothing :P). Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich squares, a steak sandwich (ok, steak hotdog oozing with chunks of beef and gravy), Anda Shammi burger and finally Irish coffee or a Milkshake to round it all off! It just makes me sweat thinking of the lineup! The Anda Shammi, was super yummy (eeks that rhymed). Some complained that there was too much cinnamon but that I think, is subjective. The steak sandwich itself is a full meal – so maybe its wiser sharing this tray. The Irish coffee actually has whiskey in it, so if you want to get giddy over breakfast, this will help.


Kiran’s Big Apple Breakfast: Rs.250/-
Mmmm… like Goldilocks finding her perfect bed – this brekkie was a perfect fit for me. Two eggs any style (I got them scrambled and I loved how creamy and buttery they were) with two slices of toast. The fluffy Blueberry Pancakes came with a smudge of Blueberry preserve and were not overtly sweet. My favorite was the generous portion of Bacon and French fries…pure greasy bliss! I rounded it off with a nice Chai and some Oreo cookies!


Do I recommend the #SocialOffline brekkie? Hell Yeah! The service might be patchy but the VFM offerings and the ambiance more than make up for it. I intend to get drunk at Social one Friday night and head there on a Saturday morning, for their ‘Last Night @ Social Hangover Breakfast’. Virgin Mary, Eggs and Bacon, Vitamin Water, Bananas, Toast and Water! They also offer this tray at a discount, to people who were there the previous night.
Don’t you love a place with a sense of humor? 🙂


46/1 Cobalt Building,
Church Street,
Bangalore – 560001.
Ph: +91 80 41622755
Parking: Valet available post 12 PM.


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