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Margaritas and lots of fresh Guacamole @ Sanchez (UB City)

Let’s get it out of the way. Sanchos is now Sanchez. Their new menu is decidedly hip and happening, so none of us should care that the ‘os’ was replaced with ‘ez’. Located in the piazza of UB City, the Mexican restaurant serves up some taquitos, nachos and tamales in style. When you get to sip on lip-smacking Margarita’s and delicious ceviche in a setting like this, there’s very little to complain about. Sanchez is known for their party like atmosphere as much as their food, but with the recent tweaks to the menu – I’m betting the food will be the main draw. They still make a pretty mean Margarita and I definitely recommend the Mango version, though the classic will always be my favourite. If you have deep pockets they have a range of imported tequilas you can try. Go ahead and loosen those purse strings, I don’t think I’ve seen these bottles anywhere else. We spent a good four hours mulling over our drinks and taking bites of their to-die-for Charred Corn …

Street Style Asian – Nasi and Mee (4th Block Koramangala)

I love small, quirky places with character and good food. Nasi and Mee easily fits into this category. Serving Pan Asian cuisine with an emphasis on authentic flavours this new eatery has become a fast favourite in Koramnagala. Considering it is 200 meters from my house, I have been running across in my pajamas on days that I need a galangal and kaffir lime hit. The name is derived from the Malaysian word for Rice and Noodles – Nasi and Mee 🙂 It could have been a sidewalk café, but considering the traffic jams that 100ft road sees, it’s wise that they have a floor to ceiling glass façade. The seating is casual with wooden boards atop an adjustable wrought iron base. The chairs are fashioned in the same manner and are very comfortable. Wooden crates serve as lampshades small steel buckets hold cutlery and basic wooden cabinets showcase fizzy drinks and kinckacks reminiscent of small eateries in KL. To the fag end of the restaurant is a faux bar (they do not have a …

Mou Taverna, The Saturday Brunch @ Cafe Azure (Vivanta by Taj, Yeshwanthpur)

Saturday Brunches – what could be more inviting? I have always lamented that I need a holiday on Monday after a Sunday Brunch. Having ‘too much fun’ on a Sunday does not bode well for Monday morning meetings. With a Saturday brunch, you always have a full day on Sunday to wind down and just relax. It’s the ideal weekend plan! Café Azure at Vivanta by Taj has curated a fantastic Mediterranean Brunch – Mou Taverna, to get your weekend started.

Sich Treffen at Cafe Max (CMH Road, Indiranagar)

Exam times during college meant meeting up at Café Max on Lavelle road for a group study session. This ‘sich treffen’ or meet up, almost never resulted in any studying but always resulted in a good cup of coffee and fantastic apple strudel. The café has been a part of Max Mueller Bhavan/ The Goethe-Institut for as long as it has existed. When the institute shifted to CMH road in Indiranagar, the little café followed. Formerly run by a German resident who made the most delectable Wednesday Brunch spread, it has now passed hands to new management. I visited it for the first time since the change (over a year?) for a quick weekday lunch. Did it pass muster?

Cruising Around – Fiat Caffe-Car-O-Bar (Domlur, Inner Ring Road)

Fiat Caffe has been reinvented as Fiat Caffé-Car-O-Bar, which should tickle our Indian sensibilities. For all those who assume that Fiat Caffe is a cool looking car showroom – it is. But it also has another level which functions as a bar and café and the ground floor transforms into a space for performances and live gigs after dark. And if you want to dance the night away – they have a cool DJ console fashioned in the hood of a dismembered fiat! How’s that for sticking to the automobile theme?

Breakfast and Gossip @ Church Street Social

I hate having to get up at unearthly hours on a weekend (10 AM of course) to catch breakfast at a decent joint. Church Street Social serves Breakfast throughout the day. That’s reason enough for me to like them. I also like their industrial design, quirky prints, funky trays and fun drinks, but we’re not focusing on that today. We are paying homage to bacon and sausages and pancakes and eggs and French toast and sugar and spice and everything nice. Just like God intended. Word. They don’t have valet parking in the morning, but they also don’t have the mad crowds that throng this place every hour of the day post 12 PM. So you win some and you lose some. Shimmy in and you have a variety of seating options. I always like the big tables next to the windows, although if it’s just two of you, the leather couches are way more comfortable. The menu is a newspaper style roll shoved casually in a box made of wooden rulers with a toilet …

Comic Relief – Leaping Windows Cafe (Now Closed :( )

If you manage to find it (Google maps included), I’d say pat yourself on the back. If it makes it any easier – Leaping Windows Cafe is on the road parallel to Indiranagar club (Ask the fruit vendor at the end of the road). Like all things Indiranagar, this is an old bungalow converted into a café. What it also uniquely is, is a comic book library to read your Tintins, Asterix and Calvin and Hobbes in peace. Of course, you pay 40 bucks an hour, but that’s small change. You walk past the reading den on the ground floor to the 1st Floor which has multiple seating options, all of which have bold comic paintings hanging on the whitewashed walls. We choose to sit outside as it was cool and it faces a canopy of trees, which always is a plus point for me. I plonk myself on the low cane chair/ settee and proceed to look at the menu. Standard breakfast options coupled with a section for Burgers/ pastas/ salads/ mains and quick …