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A New way of getting High @ HIGH Ultra Lounge (World Trade Center, Malleshwaram)

Yes you heard me right, Bangalore has a new way of getting high. Considering our pours of alcohol last us only till 11:30 pm, we all need something to supplement the evening. Now before your mind goes wandering in directions that could get both of us into trouble – I’ll cut the suspense short and introduce you to HIGH Ultra Lounge. Located on the 31st floor of the World Trade Center in Malleshwaram, it aims to set the bar ‘high’ for all clubs in Bangalore. At 421 feet above the ground you can’t really help feeling ‘above the rest’!
We were invited for a special blogger preview of the club, which officially threw its door open to the public this weekend. We were asked to dress warm because of the altitude but nobody warned us that the ride to the top in the glass lift would be nothing short of an adrenaline rush. The dedicated lift takes you zooming up to the 31st floor in under two minutes and if you have vertigo its best to keep your eyes closed. You will open your eyes to posters of women in red hot lipstick and an escalator takes you to the landing for your entry into the ‘highest building in South, East and North of India’. That itself warrants a visit!

The 10,000 sq.ft space at HIGH is divided into four zones – High View (fantastic views of the city), High Edge (for a quick intimate drink), High Dine (Alfresco dining) and High Mix (for the party peeps). Each area has a different design aesthetic and allows you the flexibility to indulge, based on your mood. They also have plans of setting up an intimate evening for two or four at the helipad soon. Valentine’s Day plans anyone?

High View is my personal favorite and is just breathtaking. If you go there in time for sunset you can see the transition from day to night and the lights of Bangalore glisten below like fireflies. Coupled with the gurgling water body and the foliage wall, it is an ideal setting for a romantic evening. I saw a couple of beach chairs facing the setting sun that I personally want to usurp the next time I’m there.
High Mix is where the action is for the party lovers. Guru the mixologist is a perfect host if you want to have a rocking time. He mixed us a couple of interesting cocktails which he served with such finesse that it ensured he had a large fan following by the end of the evening. A mix of molecular cocktails, barrel aged, herb infused and smoked cocktail is his specialty. Ask for Guru’s Love Potion the next time you’re there and watch the magic unfold.

HIGH focuses on Pan-Asian cuisine, a fast favorite with luxury bars across Bangalore. Executive Chef Zhang Hao had a little surprise quiz planned for us where the bloggers were asked to guess the ingredients in two starters he bought out. While I tried (really hard), I failed to nail ALL the ingredients, but it was fun to play the game nevertheless! Chef had crafted a special menu for this evening and we were delighted to find a beautifully laid out table at HIGH Dine. The setting called for nothing less than some sparkling wine and we all settled in to enjoy the spread.
We were served tasting portions of a variety of starters, main course and dessert. I simply adored the Miso Soup which was bang on the flavor and the Sesame Cheese roll which for its ubiquitous name hid a surprise of Strawberry notes in the cheese. I had multiple helpings of the Peking duck roll, though I personally felt the pancake needed to be thinner. The Vegetarian Sushi platter was tastefully executed while the Fried Snapper with Thai Sauce was a crowd pleaser. Many people also loved the Crab sticks in Tempura batter. I however, will never understand why a restaurant will go through all that effort to deep fry some processed food! But I grudgingly have to admit that I ate more than two. The fare as you can see, is populist, but I also think it’s the right approach in a lounge where the food is secondary to the drink.

The Thai Green Vegetable Curry was flawless and so was the Fish in Laksa Sauce. Both were paired with fluffy white rice and I had to stop myself from eating more than my stomach could hold. The Massaman curry was a letdown as it had an overpowering taste of cumin that clearly didn’t belong there. The Soba Noodlesand the San Bei Chicken were well executed if not exceedingly exciting.
The Banoffee pie stole the show. I mean seriously…the banana toffee combo was so good that it was unanimously voted the dish of the day. *Dessert dreams are made of this*. The fresh fruit platter was so beautiful to look at, but of course we focused on the Banoffee!
I know it was a specially curated evening, but I HAVE to mention the service. It was impeccable and charming at the same time. Such a joy to have wait staff know about the dishes being served and also recommend a few to the diners along with an explanation on why we would like it! Point taken and much appreciated.
HIGH Ultra Lounge certainly raised the bar this evening. Hoping they will go all out to charm the city. All they need to do is let people inside and I think the ambiance itself will do half the trick. Cheers!
Here is a link to a VIDEO (click here) of our night out. Enjoy 🙂
 HIGH Ultra Lounge
Roof Top, World Trade Center,
Brigade Gateway Campus,
26/1 Dr.Rajkumar Road,
Bangalore 560055.
Ph: +91 80 4567 4567
Parking: Valet
Cost: Rs. 3000/- for a meal for two with alcohol

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