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The FPD Quickie: Breakfast at Red Fork (Indiranagar, Bangalore)

Procrastination is a much maligned word. In my opinion, all of us should give ourselves the benefit of putting away things that can be done today to tomorrow, or even day after. I have been luxuriating in the knowledge that I have been lazy. And it’s an absolutely wonderful state of mind to begin the New Year after the mad rush of December. So Happy New Year to you…I might have even wished you in February, but I figured halfway into the month is a good upholder of the procrastinator flag. In keeping with the lazy attitude I bring to you a perfectly lazy way to enjoy a Sunday – Breakfast at Red Fork in Indiranagar. This one has been on my list for a very long time but I always postponed it. The current urge to dine here was driven by the fact that I was long overdue to meet my friend (there you go again… I’m so good at this procrastinating thing!) to catch up on happenings in our lives. Outdoor seating on a Sunday morning totally appealed to our senses and we landed up for breakfast at a half past ten.

Parking (I mean the footpath) was full, so we parked opposite on the road and headed in. Cheery yellow chairs greeted us amidst a riot of flora and the blackboard menu announced the offerings of the day. After much debate I decided not to have the much talked about ‘Big Breakfast’. My inner urge for largesse was suppressed by my expanding waistline (December is a month of excesses for chrissake!). So I settled for Green Eggs and Ham. My friend the pseudo vegetarian opted for Chili Scrambled Eggs on Sourdough. We ordered a pot of Tea to share between us and got down to the business of swapping stories.
The waiter was pleasant and knowledgeable and pretty much knew the menu in and out – a welcome change from those that run back into the kitchen to provide information on the dishes. The cutlery was laid out on the table along with water in a green wine bottle. It’s nice to note that they didn’t really try to upsell bottled water, which is a norm in most restaurants these days. IMHO – if you own a restaurant, the least you can do is have a filtration unit to serve potable water to your customers – on the house!
The Chili Scrambled Eggs arrived – and they arrived in style. The eggs were piled high on the bread in a cylindrical mould and the plate was all dressed up in herb oil and sun dried tomatoes. A truly colorful, tasty and healthy way to start the day.
My Green Eggs and Ham – so called because the eggs are scrambled with some pesto, arrived in a similar fashion. But the white plate was swapped for a nice wooden board. The large slice of sourdough was buttered (or maybe it was cream cheese) and topped generously with some excellent ham. The green eggs were also adorned with some Micro greens (which I realized that they grew in-house when I looked around). Being a lover of all things pesto – this one was a winner in my books.
Our pot of Tea arrived soon after and we were mighty pleased at how it was served. A pot of brewed tea, a cup of milk, a jar of sugar, two sparkling cups and a tea strainer – made for a pretty picture. I made myself a mera-wala chai and settled in.
After long conversations about life, love and all things inconsequential, we decided to top off the day with something sweet. I must tell you that it was noon now and no way close to breakfast time, but the board said they served breakfast till 3 PM and who are we to argue? :p
I ordered the Stuffed French Toast and my friend got adventurous with the Ricotta Hot cakes with honey butter and fresh bananas. Now this one took it’s time to arrive. The Stuffed French toast was a beauty. Really fat slices of Bread (was it challah?) slit in the middle to be stuffed with poached plums, dressed with copious amounts of pancake syrup and a dollop of fresh cream. Deeeee-vine. If they had just stuck to browning and not blackening one side of the toast, I might have been in food heaven. We were looking forward to the Ricotta cakes now and pretty much dissecting the recipe in our heads when we realized it was taking an awfully long time to arrive. When I asked the waiter about it (30 mins after polishing off the French toast) – he apologized profusely because the order was not sent to the kitchen. He said he could get it for us now, but the cakes generally take a while. Hmmm… choices, choices. The long wait had already sent the ‘you are full signal’ to our brains and we decided to cancel the order. Sad Story.
Our brekkie for two added up to Rs.1040/- with taxes and service charge. A great deal considering the quality of ingredients used. The service was courteous but clearly order taking was a miss. The lady of the house was up and about enquiring after her regular’s – so I guess the stories about the famed hospitality still apply. I’m definitely going back there to try the rest of the blackboard menu. (I saw something with smoked salmon and poached eggs). I might even say Red Fork upped the ante on its sister concern – Daddy’s Deli.
Red Fork
594, 12th Main,
HAL 2nd stage, Indiranagar,
Ph: +91 80 41154372
Parking: Get Lucky on the road
Cost: Rs. 1200/- for a meal for two without alcohol
Other: Pet-Friendly

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  1. Happy New Year! I'd like to read a full-throttle review of an elite fine-dining restaurant from you.


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