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Strawberry Griddle Cakes for a Fancy Breakfast

Yes, I know it’s another recipe with strawberries back to back. But I have so many in my fridge that I need to use them and use them in innovative ways! (lest the co-resident realize my evil plan of ‘waste to wealth’). I have a supermarket weakness. If something looks fresh, is in season and the store has a buy one get one free offer – I’m hooked. Rest assured, I will be carting loads of it back home! Come on now, who doesn’t like a good bargain? Thankfully Strawberries are such accommodating fruit that you can pair them with almost anything and achieve success. Now coming to Griddle cakes. First of all, don’t let the name take you on a wild goose chase. Another name for a frying pan is a griddle and griddle cakes are nothing but pancakes that are just a little firmer. So you can call them Strawberry pancakes if you please… but I much prefer the fancier sounding name. (Fools the co-resident into thinking he’s getting something radical to chew on!) I served the Griddle cakes with some strawberries in wine instead of the routine ‘drizzle the pancake syrup on’. And since that means I’m having wine for breakfast, it automatically becomes a fancy brekkie! (Ok, so I have low expectations…Sue me!)

Strawberry Griddle Cakes with Strawberries steeped in Wine
Prep time: 30 mins + cooling time
Serves: 4
What you need:
125 gms self raising Flour
1 pinch Cinnamon and Salt
½ tsp Baking Powder
30 gms Castor Sugar
1 Egg
1 Lemon, juice of
125 ml Milk
150 gms fresh Strawberries, diced
Salted Butter
For the Strawberries in Wine:
200ml Rose Wine
1 tsp Vanilla essence
50 gms Castor Sugar
200 gms fresh Strawberries, sliced
What to do:
To make the Strawberries in Wine: Heat the wine and sugar in a large pan until the sugar dissolves. Bring the liquid to a boil toss in the strawberries, take off the heat. Add the vanilla essence, cover the pan and set aside for the fruit to steep in the liquid until cool.
To make the griddle cakes: Sift the flour, cinnamon, salt and baking powder in a large bowl. Stir in the sugar. Make a well in the center and tip in the egg, milk and lemon juice to make a batter. Add the diced strawberries to the mix. Mix well till small bubbles appear on the surface of the batter.
Heat a non stick frying pan and add a little salted butter. Add spoonfuls of the batter to the pan to make small thick pancakes. Cook on medium heat until bubbles start to appear on the surface of the griddle cakes – about 2 or 3 mins. Flip and continue to cook for another 2-3 mins. Repeat with the rest. Serve warm with the wine steeped strawberries.
Note: If cooking in batches, keep the cooked ones warm in a low oven while you finish the rest.


  1. Oh yes.. It would make a lovely combo with ice cream. I also love to dip my strawberries in hot fudge and eat it… the tart taste with sweet hot fudge is simply divine!


  2. Strawberries in wine sound awesome! In fact Id love to have some of it with ice-cream 🙂 love the strawberry griddle cakes too… it would definitely be a great hit with my strawberry loving family… just one problem.. i usually have a hard time hiding strawberries from them… they gobble up the whole lot that i buy in no time…


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