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Strawberry Milkshake and My 100th Post

It’s my 100th post today. I can’t believe I had enough material to go this far (apparently I do!) Bloggers say that lasting the 2 years is the biggest challenge. You need to be interested in what you blog about and let’s face it, people need to be interested in what you write about. You might say that you give a rat’s ass about what people think…but that’s not true. You need an audience to appreciate art. (Ok, in my case … the art of blabbering!) If nothing else, I have at least 100 failsafe recipes that I can always fall back on! I’ve also come to realize that I care as much,  (if not more) about my pictures that accompany each blog post. So the journey for me has been about taking baby steps to produce pics that I am proud of. (Here’s the link to my first post and picture. (Click Here) No, am not ashamed, it’s a learning curve right?) 😛

Talking of learning curves, was I going to put up some insurmountable culinary challenge as my 100th post? Hell No! Most of the inspiring recipes for me are ones that you look at and decide instantly, “I can make that …tonight or right now”. It’s recipes that look simple and delicious and goad you into thinking that you can create them with a flourish of your hand. So here’s the Strawberry Smoothie recipe. No fuss, all Love!
P.S. Thanks for stopping by…

Strawberry Smoothie
Prep time: 10 mins
Serves: 2
What you need:
200 gms fresh Strawberries
400 ml of Milk, cold
2 scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream
2 Tbsp of Sugar
What to do:
Take the green tops off the strawberries (he he he!), Wash them under running water. Toss them in a blender with the Sugar and whir around for 3 mins till you get a lovely red puree. Now Add the ice cream in and blend for 1 min. Finish by adding the milk in and run the blender for 2 more mins till you get a nice and frothy mix. Check for sweetness. (you can add more sugar if you want at this point – what are you like carzy??)
Pour into a tall glass and enjoy making a milk mustache!
I love this pic below… Something about it makes me feel like I’m floating on a cloud 🙂


  1. Hmm, I would like one now although it is 9pm and I should not eat anything anymore. Hope to see 100 more posts 😉


  2. Congrats swaps…as your most ardent fan who has read(not necessarily tried due to dietary restrictions) each and every post and been so encouraging I think I deserve a special treat…what say?


  3. Those are some gorgeous pictures. And yes, I think your learning curve has definitely risen since post #1. Nothing to be ashamed of, just happy 🙂
    Congratulations on the 100th!


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