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Garlicky Yoghurt Dip for Anything Anytime!

This is one of my perennial favorite dips. I can’t however entirely take credit for this recipe – It’s from a Dutch friend of mine. (Thanks JW!) I’ve tweaked the recipe just so and love it even more now. I’ve had friends finish an entire jar of dip in one sitting – so be warned, making the quantity you thought is enough is actually never enough!

Garlicky Yoghurt Dip

What you need:
1 cup thick Yoghurt
¾th cup Mayonnaise
5 pods Garlic (minced)
2 pods Garlic (bruised)
10 sprigs of Parsley (Chopped fine)

What to do:
Mince garlic, smash two pods using the flat side of the knife. Combine the yoghurt and mayo. Toss in the garlic and parsley and stir. Serve with Nachos/ Chips/ Nuggets/ Vegetable Crudités.

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  1. @ Anisha … for some variation, stir in the juice of half a lemon – tastes like tartar sauce then! Of course the original will still be the party fav in my house 🙂


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