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A Slice of Italian Summer @ Alba (JW Mariott, Vittal Mallya Road)

The monsoons are fast approaching in Bengaluru, but it is still summer in Italy and for a short period of time we can escape the reality in Alba. The Italian Summer menu, on till the 6th of June, will transport you to the sunny Italian countryside with light and refreshing flavors to tingle your tastebuds. Chef Maroune Rahali has crafted a delectable spread with fantastic summer produce that makes this festival a definite addition to plans this week.

Lazy Afternoons @ Fresh Pressery Café (Lavelle Road)

I’m always on the lookout for wonderful little spaces that serve as an oasis from the hustle and bustle of our dear burgeoning city. Located on the Lavelle Road offshoot in the erstwhile space occupied by Cinnamon and now the GoodEarth store, is the very welcoming Fresh Pressery Café. An extension of the cold pressed chain – Fresh Pressery’s ideology, the café caters to all those health nuts that like their food and drink – light and healthy.

Sattva – Pure Vegetarian Lunches @ Cubbon Pavilion, ITC Gardenia (Residency Road)

Round and round we go, but we always come back to where we started. After world cuisine and exotic eats became hot topics, we are all running back to our roots now. Local produce and regional dishes are gaining prominence over everything ‘phoren’. Cooking with local ingredients is the new sustainability mantra, because, God forbid! we rake up the carbon miles. While some may attribute it to being a fad, I for one am thankful to be getting closer home. Nothing can be more comforting and soul satisfying than a home cooked meal of dal, rice and some stir fried veggies. A papad on the side, some pickle to liven things up and you have all round bliss handed to you on a plate. Cubbon Pavilion goes one step further and brings you Sattva – a plethora of vegetarian, no onion, no garlic recipes in a wholesome Thali focusing on foods abundant in Prana (the universal life force).

Five great cafes for a lazy breakfast in Anjuna (North Goa)

Goa for me, has becoming less about dancing at an all-night rave or nightclub and more about enjoying the food and the relaxed pace of life. An integral part of eating out, is the first meal of the day. Breakfast in Goa is more likely to be at a leisurely 11 AM and fortunately most restaurants and cafés oblige the lazy traveler. Anjuna is neither too commercial nor too quiet and I’ve found a happy medium here between doing nothing and doing something. I’ve listed some of my favourite places to grab a bite, sip a latte, read a book and generally start the day right!

Getting Fresh – FreshMenu (Bangalore)

If you live in a bustling neighborhood like Koramangala where restaurants are a dime a dozen, stepping out to grab a quick bite is a no brainer. Say you live in Benson town, or maybe the boondocks Whitefield, your choices drop by a third. Ordering in is always an option, but who wants Sharmaji’s Palak Panner, Tandoori Roti and Chicken Tikka every day? FreshMenu seems to have birthed itself to cater to the needs of those who like to change things up a bit, on a fairly limited lunch budget. The concept is simple – quality ingredients, gourmet global cuisine, value for money pricing on a daily rotating menu, prepared fresh by trained chefs. Was it too good to be true? We put it to the test on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

Vietnamese Summer Rolls: Light and Fresh

It’s 38°C! I’m almost tempted to break and egg on the pavement and see if it gets cooked! My house feels like a mini sauna and I have officially stopped wearing pants at home. (I wear cotton dresses – go wash your dirty brains :P). So it goes without saying that summer is here! Which is both a boon and a curse depending on which part of the world you live in. I, for instance live in a city that has salubrious climate for 80% of the year so any extremes in temperature is treated with great disdain. (Yes, Bangaloreans are spoilt that way!). Every year we just whine and crib till the first showers of April hit the sands and then we whine and crib that it’s monsoon already. This year is no different except that I learnt how to make some Vietnamese Summer Rolls. It’s fresh, light and all kinds of colorful. Just what summer should be?    This recipe is more about getting your mise en place and rolling technique right. Once …

Flame Grapes and Green Apple Salad

Yes I’m trying to show off and no the grapes are not on fire. That’s just a name for a variety of grapes that are both white and red in colour. Quite pretty really. They are also seedless and firm. Perfect for use in a salad. The tang of the green apple superbly complements the sweetness of the grapes and we bring it all together with some lovely lemon herb mayonnaise dressing. Now I, (like most people) was not a very big fan of salads in the younger days of yore. We even called it Ghas Phoos. (Those who know, will know!). But now that’s I’ve grown older wiser, I gladly fill up my plate with the goodies. I’ve even been known to order just salad for lunch! (Ha ha ha … really got you on that one din’t I??) Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is … some salads do taste awesome! And though you probably won’t bypass a meal to eat just one, it won’t hurt to pile some on your plate. …