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Pasta Aglio Olio to the Rescue

I don’t know what it is about the 1st of January that everything touches ground zero and everyone has hopes of suddenly turning over a new leaf. And for most people that new leaf is losing weight. Everyone writes down that great resolution and goes on some sort of diet (or at least they start thinking of one). Unfortunately for me, everytime I even think of a diet – I get crabby and mean and generally ill-tempered. So to ensure everyone around me and I stay sane, my easy fix for a more healthy meal is to just cook at home.


Now this seems like a simple enough plan until you add a 10 hour work day and get home dead tired. The easiest thing in this frame of mind would be order in or in the worst case scenario rip open a packet of maggi and be done with dinner! Which is why a Pasta Aglio Olio has such high regard in my scheme of larger things. It’s easy to put together, it tastes fabulous and I spend exactly 20 mins making it. It’s not a paragon of virtue, but it at least counters consuming 3000 calories in one meal outside. (ok, 1500 calories if you exclude the wine :P).

Happy New Year people – and here’s to a 2015 of more cooking and eating at home. (even if we’re going to be using butter!).


Pasta Aglio Olio

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