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Warm Mushroom, Egg and Feta Salad

Some days are salad days. Your system is literally lusting for some greens. Generally when I’ve had too many night outs and take away days – I’ll whip myself a salad. It’s like I’m absolving myself of the excesses – even if for one meal! It’s winter though (Bangaloreans shiver at 16 degs, #truestory) and the idea of a cold salad gives me the heebie-jeebies. So my easy out is to make a warm one 🙂

Ideally baby spinach would make the best possible base for this salad – but Namdhari’s almost never stocks that and I refuse to pay 300 bucks for the imported variety in Foodhall. (Cries bloody murder!). So I’ve substituted it with green Leaf Lettuce. I assume mixed green leaves would make a great base as well.


The star here of course, is my most amazing dressing that came to me as an epiphany on a long winter afternoon. (Stops for dramatic pause). I made a basic Balsamic vinaigrette and I knew this salad needed a hint of sweetness. I didn’t want to use honey and I really didn’t want to use sugar. So I took out my bottle of maple syrup and that’s where the magic happened. The balsamic-maple syrup combo is now on my favorite list. Let me know if it makes it to yours as well.


 Warm Mushroom Egg and Feta Salad


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