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Lazy Lunches and Calcutta Egg Rolls

I get up on Saturdays and have these grand plans of elaborate four course meals that I am going ruffle up complete with menu tags and napkin rings. Unfortunately there has not been a day in the past five years that this ‘plan’ has materialized. A lesser mortal would have been aghast at the failure and made amends as soon as the realization struck. But I’m made of stronger fiber and clearly shake it off and move on with another quick meal Saturday.


A recipe this simple can’t really be called a recipe, but humor me. The best things in my repertoire are simple, easy assembly meals and no one’s complained so far. This recipe also includes top notch experiential research garnered from my IIMC days (eating cheap street food – especially rolls from Kusum on Park Street). So with greasy dreams and flaky parathas (from ID) we proceed to unravel the mysteries of the Calcutta Roll.


Calcutta Egg Rolls Recipe



  1. This is my first read here and I am inspired. These kinds of quick ideas are what make my life..Otherwise I suck at cooking…

    And there is something seriously wrong with ur comment entry boxes..atleast in firefox


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