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Old Fashioned Carrot Cake

If someone told me a couple of years ago, that I’d be making a carrot cake at home and polishing it off with joy, I would have guffawed. First of all Carrots Cakes are so old fashioned. It reminds me of somebody’s grandmother baking it and inviting her bridge friends over for tea. I don’t really remember ever ordering it myself at the local bakery or even trying to make it at home. If I was offered Carrot Cake at a friend’s place I would vehemently refuse a slice. A Cake with veggies in it was clearly not my idea of dessert.



But I rolled out of bed one day and suddenly I was on the other side of thirty (ok, that was some years ago) and everything changed. Nostalgia was suddenly cool in my books and traditional and quaint always scored marks over new age and funky. I was constantly looking for things that reminded me of the yesteryears, things that will anchor me to my childhood and not let me get swept away with this crazy changing world. So again, why Carrot Cake? Because we must not let traditions die and Gajar Ka Halwa has been done to death 😛


Carrot Cake Recipe_snap



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