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The FPD Quickie: Drinks and Dimsums @ Yauatcha (M.G. Road, Bangalore)

This restaurant has been spoken about in hallowed hushes and reverent tones ever since it opened its doors to us poor Bangaloreans. The branch of a Michelin starred restaurant from London? Here? To grace us? *gasp, stutter, swoon*. Take a second – breathe. Now hear me out. For all the brouhaha – Yauatcha does not claim to be some super sexy, high-on-a pedestal brand. What it does claim to be and rightfully so (considering its pedigree) – is a contemporary dim sum teahouse offering an international experience. You would not wince to spend $70 on a nice meal for two abroad with the same quality of ingredients, similar setting and almost ditto execution of the dish – so why flinch now?
All things said and done, I do understand that Bangalore is a price conscious city. We love to have our cake and eat it too (at the ‘right’ price :P). So it’s perfectly normal that the social food circles are abuzz with the higher wallet factor while dining at Yauatcha. So the restaurant has come up with the perfect foil to entice us into their glass doors. The restaurant has a contemporary look and feel that is almost bordering on pure functional. (I had strange visions of an airport). Sometimes minimalism is not everyone’s cup of tea. (Tsk, tsk, that is my evil alter ego speaking… it’s called The Alcoholporndiaries! :P).
On offer, (which I sampled last Thursday) is an I-can’t-believe-my-eyes fairly good deal. Two One of their signature cocktails with a dim sum basket of 8, for Rs.799/- plus taxes. Yup, that sounds about right! (The mocktail combination works out cheaper to Rs.699/- plus taxes). This is a great way to test the waters before plunging headlong into a hedonistic dim sum orgy. I chose the Mixed basket while my friend chose the Vegetarian option. (50% of Yauatcha’s menu is Vegetarian. Now that I’m sure is news, as well as a welcome relief to our much ostracized veggie brethren.)
There are only two choices of cocktails or mocktails offered with the dim sum basket, both vodka based. (Which suits me fine, as I never graduated to Whiskey). Thankfully they claim to use Belvedere Vodka and Zubrowka vodka, so my niggling cheap Bangalorean was satisfied. The Thea Martini has notes of ginger, vanilla, chilli sugar and apple juice. The Lalu (no reference to our Laloo Prasadji) is my pick of the two with lemongrass, lime, oolong tea and lychee juice. Both are very oriental in theme and taste. I also like that they used tea, stays in tandem with their dim sum-tea house spiel. (The rest of the cocktails that you see are what we started ordering off the menu, once we were sufficiently drunk!)
The Dimsums are fabulous. Seriously. Where else can you see the Hargow with the 17 mandatory pleats? Or the Crystal Dumpling putting up its innards on display with the translucent potato starch wrapper? Or the gorgeous Chive dumpling decorated with pomegranate seeds? Or the Sui Mai that held its shape and didn’t flower upon arrival? Case Closed.
As we were sufficiently tipsy and more important, after looking at their main menu – less intimidated by the prices (Veg dumplings start at Rs.195/-), we ordered the much talked about Crispy Duck Rolls. Succulent duck meat encased in pastry and deep fried – A spring roll version of the Peking duck, if you ask me. I wish they had served some crispy skin on the side…that would have completed the dish!
We stopped ourselves short of a full meal that day as a friend’s son’s birthday party needed our presence. (We fortified ourselves with enough cocktails, to smile and wave throughout the party :P) But I’m definitely heading back to Yauatcha to try the Scallop Sui Mai and the Poached Peking dumpling. I also need to try that much instagrammed dessert of theirs – the Raspberry Delice.
Both the cocktails and the dimsums are the standard fare available in their London restaurant. So what Yauatcha Bangalore is actually doing, is saving you the cost of a flight ticket to dine there 😛 Until next time folks…

Dated 14th Nov – Note: The offer is available from Monday to Thursday both for lunch and dinner. (I went there again and had to explicitly ask for the same. I would prefer that the waitstaff atleast tell us about the promo that they are running… )

1 MG Mall, MG Road, Bangalore.
Ph: +91 80 67724422/ 18002661000
Parking: In the mall/ Valet available


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