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There’s a Dragon in your Cafe – Coffee on Canvas (ST Bed Layout, Koramangala)

Prost is not open at 10 AM in the morning, apparently. So we walked across the street to Coffee On Canvas. This was not my first visit to the place and the last one did not go down well with my finicky friend. The Toast, you see, was not warm and the Honey Chilli Chicken acted all dicey and only spicy with me – so there goes. So my second visit was more out of circumstance than choice. But the dragon turned it around and so I decided to sing.  
The last visit was at night and I must say mornings compliment this place a lot more. Airy and filled with light, the potted plants and creeping vines give the impression of a large, fun balcony in an old friends house. And then there is the Dragon. You don’t notice him at first – sly and shy that he is, hiding behind the windmill bookcase. And then you notice a tail, then a claw and then finally his face. I think I have a crush on him J

Coffee on Canvas a place that people come to unwind, have a cigarette, talk to their friends and browse on free WiFi. If they have exhausted the above activities they might read a book or play a board game. If that dosen’t cut it anymore, they might just sink into the bean bags and lazily look at the creepers swaying in the wind. The food is incidental. But my agenda on most days is to eat, so yes I ordered breakfast and then proceeded to sink into the bean bags. Unfortunately, I haven’t mastered the art of lazy and quickly moved to the chairs to soothe my aching back!
The menu predictably starts with Coffee. (The ‘coffee on canvas’ name comes from the fact that there is some coffee art on the canvas that makes it to your table top. Thankfully its covered with glass). Since I don’t drink coffee, I ordered a Masala Chai and my friend got himself a Cold Coffee. I liked that my pickings came in a nice ceramic teapot that ensured it stayed hot. There’s not much that I can drill down about the chai other than it makes for a nice companion on a bright, breezy morning. I saw a lady at the next table (complete with three kids and a husband in tow *hint hint* – kid friendly), order an Irish coffee. I’m fascinated by liquids and their relative density (go figure!) and was drawn to the double colored drink like a moth to a flame. I’ll let you order it when you go there and tell me how it was.
My friend asked for a Spanish Omlette, when there was none. Maybe he didn’t wear his glasses on right that day – it was actually a spinach omlette! He quickly changed the order to a Masala Omlette and I decided to get Fried Eggs with Sausages. And then we chatted …. And waited … and waited some more. The service is laaaid-baaack, but we didn’t complain because the waitress was very nice when the order did arrive.
The Masala omlette was palatable and the Fried Eggs were perfect with just a bit of runny yolk (I Likey). The Sausages are chicken sausages (boo hoo!) and probably Venky’s. But they gave me two sausages and they cut them up diagonally, so I won’t complain!
After another hour we got hungry again and ordered the Mushroom Quiche and some Churros. Both were unavailable that day. So we ordered Waffles with Maple Syrup and my friend the coconut lover, ordered a Coconut Pancake with Honey. The waffles were hot, soft and quite delicious with the amount of maple syrup I poured onto it. (Ok – it’s actually pancake syrup. I don’t think it’s economically feasible to give out Maple syrup at those prices). The super hit of the day was the Coconut Pancakes. I have been dreaming of them every day since I got back. Thin crepes filled with fresh grated coconut, capped off with a sprinkling of white sugar, folded and served with honey. So simple but so amazing. They actually reminded me of a Mangalorean delicacy called Paanpole. My mom used to make these for us when we were kids and the combination of coconut and sugar is something that brings back happy childhood memories!
Coffee on Canvas is a place that encourages you to unwind and order some food or a coffee to keep you company. The food is not the biggest draw here, but after my second visit I have to conclude that it’s not bad either. With the most expensive thing on the menu (Chicken Lasagna) being Rs.150/-, rest assured it’s not going to burn a hole in your pocket. And if you keep coming here to chill out, maybe you’ll figure out your favorite item and stick to ordering that. Simple? I think so, yes. Now back to using their free WiFi and pretending I’m at work!
Coffee on Canvas
84, ST Bed Layout,
4th Main, 4th Block,
Ph: 080 41210131
Parking: On the street (Road leading to Halcyon)
Cost: Rs.450 AI for a meal for two.


  1. UPN EarnesTaster says

    thank you for your copious illuminating notes. you're right – i need to move on to the next generation of bangalore restaurants.


  2. Thanks Again. Your comments make me want to write well 😛 Absolutely dismayed at your RWI experience. Mine went the other way round from average to outstanding. Started off with Olive beach on Wednesday where the good food was marred by the less than perfect service on a Wednesday night. But for lunch on Friday they turned it around and the desserts blew me away. Since there were four of us, we tried close to 80% of the menu on offer and I would have to give them a 7/10 because the mains let me down. (I don't eat beef so the ternderloin which was rated the best of the lot, escaped my attention). Mezzaluna on Sunday was a fantastic experience in both service and food. With 8 of us dining there – we got a private room and with it superlative service. Ordering a fantastic Australian wine helped 🙂 The appetizers were brilliant. Smoked Salmon salad was bang on. The Melon and Parma ham salad was uplifted because it was actually Parma Ham and not a cheap cut masquarading as that. For main course I had the tortellini stuffed with ricotta and spinach dressed with Alba Truffle Oil. Divine. Everyone else's main course was up to the mark as well. The only place where Mezzaluna fell short was the desserts – Tiramisu (sad). I ordered the Orange Semi Fredo – which was lovely but nothing to write home about. Like my companion commented – it's frozen flavoured cream! And then the highlight of my RWI – Like That Only. Had booked it for 2nd, but they called back and informed us that the restaurant was closed because it was Gandhi Jayanti. They let us pick any other day for the same experience which was sweet. We went on Thursday night and a couple of friends couldn't make it because it was a weekday and it's in Whitefield. So it turned out to be a date night for me and my husband. The service was friendly, helpful and unobtrusive. We got the Pork Ribs and the Tempura Brie for starters. Brilliant brilliant brillant. The chef sent us a small tasting portion of their Pork Belly which was IMHO the best thing to grace my plate since Maggi was invented. (yes.. I love Maggi). My Main course of Gochujang Lamb Chops was a perfect Medium done. The Sizzling Chicken something accompanied with the near perfect egg fried rice was just lovely. They surprised us again and got us their signature dessert – the Sunny Side Up. It looks like a fried egg but is actually passion fruit gelee encased in coconut milk pannacotta. 🙂 We ordered the LTO Snicker Bar for Dessert which was so decadent and indulgent that I felt I was cheating on something!! My Cheesecake Apple Tart with Creme Anglasie was beautifully made but the Snicker Bar overshadowed it. We lazed around from 8 – 10:30 pm talking and swooning at the fairy lights. All in all – Exquisite. I think the Food Gods like me 😛


  3. Anonymous says


    I am Lakshmi from Eulogy PR. I am trying connect with you. I work for a wine brand which is based out of Bangalore. It will be great if you could help me out with your contact details and inbox the same to


  4. UPN EarnesTaster says

    Nice review (I likey) You write in a more winsome way rather most independent bangalore restaurant reviewers, i look forward to more full-length reviews of ambitious establishments from you. My Citibank Restaurant Week Bangalore, though subsidized by promotional pricing, came to a frustrating end. Mezzaluna was too far for me -i couldn't make my lust for original Italian fare supercede geographic constraints (i'll just have to content myself with a repeat viewing of “i am love”) My resto week, anyway, had taken off with Dakshin's excellent service, plateaued with a “standard” experience with Szechwan Court, crashed due to atrocious service at Caperbery, and limped to a close at Olive Beach. After being at Waitlist position No.1 at ITC Dum Phukt Jolly Nabobs for 1 week, my booking there remained unconfirmed till the very end. The city, with or without its banks, teaches you stoicism if nothing else.


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