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Who wants to eat at The Tuck Shop? (Koramangala, Bangalore)

If you studied in a school in Bangalore your most likely hangout would be the canteen or what we convent-educated kids liked to call it, “The Tuck Shop”. This was one place that you would rush to, as soon as the Tea break or lunch break was announced with a loud bell. The place where you would buy fryums and samosas and wolfed down cutlets and burgers (if you were lucky and feeling rich) even wash it down with a milkshake. So of course this little eatery will pull at your heartstrings with nostalgia!

Started by two young (really young) entrepreneurs and hotel management graduates Mayank Agarwal and Ahmad Sharif, The Tuck Shop tries to help you re-live your fondest school memories. The ambience is one of a spruced up garage made pretty with creeping vines, casual seating and fun paintings of crazy kids in a school bus. Though the target audience is college goers, surprisingly the place has an equal number of office goers and families that throng the all day diner. Being in Kormangala also helps to tap into the myriad educational institutions and offices that dot the surroundings!

The all-day breakfast is the hero here and has a small but interesting supporting cast. My eyes were instantly drawn to the Classy English Dictator (double egg omlette, bacon/salami, sausages, mashed potato, caramelized onions, baked beans, buttered toast served with your choice of beverage). At Rs.250/- this was a steal but, I settled for the Puny God. (Let’s say I didn’t have it in me to deal with a dictator that day!). Now the Puny God was not that puny in my opinion and made for a lovely start to the day – A double omlette with your choice of stuffing. I picked bacon, onion and cheese. My only grouse was the fact that the onion could have been sautéed before its addition to the omlette. (Not a fan of raw onions!). I quickly glanced through the menu and found quite a few vegetarian offerings – Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich anyone?  
I ordered the juice of the day to keep me company and Watermelon it was. Sweet, not cloyingly so and immensely satisfying! Though the mint leaf infused chilled water goblet at every table would have been perfect too. A lovely touch, especially because I have felt obliged to order for a bottle of water in other restaurants because the water offered looked suspect! Another thing that was bought to my notice was that everything from the mayonnaise to the baked beans to the bread and even the ketchup on the table, was made in-house. This took it up a notch in my book but there will be issues of standardization and consistency that they may have to keep a close eye on, in the future.
Apart from the Breakfast offerings a recent addition to the menu has been their Burgers. Gaining a steady fan following, the burgers are probably what will give them the most traction. The creative name calling continues with ‘The Hot Chick’ (Pulled Chicken Burger), ‘Mary had a little Lamb (the lamb burger) and the Jumping Jhapang (a desi twist to the meat burger). I settled on a Fried Nemo – A fish burger. It was made with basa and not the real Nemo, so stop frowning! Two fish fillets deep fried and served with home made tartar sauce, onions, tomatoes and a slice of Lettuce cabbage. The addition of cabbage was apparently a conscious decision as it stays crisp till the end and most of their clients prefer it that way. The home-made Burger bun was soft and did not cave with the weight of the fillings, so rest assured Nemo will be safe within its folds! All burgers come with cole slaw and potato wedges. A special mention to the perfectly crisp on the outside, soft on the inside Potato wedges! 
You can choose to end the meal with some cupcakes or the dessert of the day. (Mayank is an accomplished pastry chef who likes to churn out something new everyday). I choose to go the whole hog and order Waffles with Maple syrup and Caramelized Bananas. I am a sucker for good waffles and these were a far cry from the industrialized clones you find in coffee shops these days. They offer you a choice of topping in honey or nutella as well – So pick and choose your poison.  
The Tuck Shop has started off with things that they know will appeal to the masses. They slowly intend to experiment with and expand their menu to include more main courses. With a diner format and a value for money experience, there’s really not much you can fault with the place. And considering its run by two people who just graduated college, they have the needs of their target audience down pat – comfort, value and good food! 
98/A, 17th B Main (Road Opposite China Pearl)
5th Block, Koramangala
Bangalore – 560095.
Ph: +91 886133 5567
Cost: Breakfast offerings start from Rs.70/- onwards and Burgers from Rs.200/- onwards
Parking: The bylanes


  1. Anonymous says

    i remember a “Tuck Shop” in Cambridge Layout. It was run by the Kurien family I think and the pastries and snacks there were amazing. They closed the shop after moving their residence and it felt like a personal loss because their food was just so good.

    I may visit this “Tuck Shop” just to see how it stacks up. Thanks for taking the time and effort for sharing.


  2. Oh Stop being such an ancient stooge! 250 for a full breakkie is unheard of in Bangalore these days. If you paid 100, you would literally need to STEAL the goodies 😛


  3. A steal at Rs.250??! Bangalore has gone to the dogs in terms of inflation (I'd have to invent some new animal when alluding to the city's cleanliness) Being less liberal than you in these matters I'd say Rs.100 was a steal for those collated goodies. One notes that this joint has taken a punning leaf out of Thulp's book in naming the burgers (i had atrocious service in the latter 28 months ago)But 'twas trippy to see waffles crowned with banana-chip look-alikes. Still waiting for a review of a joint for which you'd award 5 stars. (It's the month of Ramadan- starving for cravings is rewarded eventually,i hope)


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