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Sussegado – Goan Food Festival @ LIDO (Hyatt, Bangalore)

My love for seafood is a direct result of Goan cuisine. There’s nothing I like better than good prawn curry rice or a pomfret recheado or a kane rawa fry. I’m not Goan by birth…not by a good 485 kms 567 kms, but I love that place and it’s sussegado (laid back) culture like my own! So when a friend invited me to the Hyatt for the Goan Food Festival, it was hard to say no. Especially because the delicacies on offer were from the kitchen of Chef Edrige Vaz from Casa Sarita at the Park Hyatt, Goa!
My biggest grouse that night was the mood lighting. Apart from the fact that I wasn’t with my better half, it also didn’t make for the best photographs! (Sorry S…it’s the truth J) But I shall choose to regale you with my tangy tale nevertheless. Amuse Bouche was a Rissois de Camarao – a beautiful half moon shaped fried dumpling. Filled with a mildly spiced prawn mixture and served with a smudge of chilli sauce, it was just perfect. It reminded me of a savory version of the Karnataka Karanji or North Indian Gujiya.  
We had a sample platter of four starters. It included a Spicy Squid salad, Kismur (coconut and dried prawn accompaniment) , Pan fried King Fish in peri peri masala and Kane (lady fish) rawa fry. The Kane was just beautifully cooked and the layer of recheado masala coating it was just perfect – tangy, smooth and just a hit of spice. It looked red hot because of the red chilli and vinegar used in making the paste, but it’s not supposed to taste red hot and this one stayed true to its source.  
A whole grilled white Pomfret graced our table. You can choose the fish you want from the live counter and have them grill it for you with your choice of masala. (Peri-peri, Cafreal, coriander or rawa fry). The Chicken Cafreal (coriander and green chilli masala) was presented in style, with the fried slices of potato being the crowning glory.  
The Chicken Xacuti (roasted coconut and spice curry) was robust and tasted brilliant with the lightly spiced pulao. The highlight was the simple but impressive Prawn Curry. The curry was smooth, almost like it had been passed through a sieve and the flavours were subtle and well melded. The sweet prawns were cooked to a lovely plump pink and almost floated in the curry. This tasted perfect with the red goan boiled rice.  
We tried a trio of dessert. Starting with the famous Bebinca – slow baked layered pancakes with egg yolk and coconut milk, flavored with nutmeg. Followed by Dodol – A pudding made of coconut milk, jaggery and rice flour. (My least favourtie because it reminds me of kerala halwa!). And finally the Mangane which is like a payasam made of lentil, sago, and coconut, sweetened with jaggery. 
The festival is on till the 28th of July at Lido. You can pick from A la Carte for lunch or go the whole hog for dinner with a buffet (Rs. 1200/- + taxes). The buffet has a wider variety of offerings like Caldo verde – potato and spinach soup, Prawn balchao, cabbage foogath, mushroom xacuti and more. Worth a visit for an authentic taste of Goa without travelling all the way to the coast!

LIDO – all day dining
HYATT Bangalore
1/1, Swami Vivekananda Road,
Off M.G. Road,
Bangalore – 560008
Ph: +91 80 4936 1234
Cost: Buffet Rs. 1200/- plus taxes.
Parking: Valet Available


  1. Wow.. you are one prolific wielder of the pen. Excellant review – your descriptions were bang on and when I finally scrolled down to see the pictures – ta da! Waiting for the link to your new space. And P.S. Just realized that the url gets embedded in your Profile ID. A clik on it lead me to the Gourmet India website. Thanks for bringing it to my notice.


  2. The comments section on this website has an entry for URL and I have always entered a URL there -for the above comment too, I had entered the URL for my Caperberry review. Anyway, here's the link as per your request – (apparently i'm not famous enough for people to find my articles by googling!)I am tired of posting articles elsewhere so I am in the process of opening my own website,it's customized hence the delay in finalization.


  3. That was such a veiled insult 😛 (in blogger style – which I despise and no longer adopt). But I'm a fan of the NYT reviews and I get your point. It's just that a picture heavy blog begs for descriptions of each dish rather than a Alice in Wonderland kind of tale. Maybe i'll graduate to the higher echelons of food writing some day, but you'll still be getting blogger style from me for a while.


  4. A layered mackerel may or may not exist,but if it did ,it would resemble that pic. Since your reply was guarded (567km can be in any direction), I'm presuming you're a Kannadiga. Followed your link, that certainly was quite a gastro trip, I wish i could experience that meal, last year I reviewed a 12 course Caperberry meal (non-veg) in blogger-style(which I despise and no longer adopt) -that lunch had dreamy lamb and knock-out duck but the rest was ho-hum. So Caperberry finally gave one discerning diner an outstanding meal -glad to know that ,though the restaurant needs many more elaborate write-ups NYT style. I was told (and i also saw this once) by one of the city's top restaurant perusers that Caperberry is let down by low numbers of clientele -what a shame.


  5. EarnesTaster says

    Looks like you had a lavish Goan meal, that Bebinca resembles a layered mackerel! You said “485kms from Goa…” so may i ask what is your native place? And when can we get to see a review of a outstanding restaurant (by your parameters) from you?


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