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Break’First’ at Monkey Bar (Wood Street, Bangalore)

So my favourite bar (like it was a secret!) in Bangalore is now serving Brekkie! And not just any brekkie but gourmet brekkie. We’re talking the whole nine yards! And of course I went there to stuff my face because breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. I like that fact that we can eat bacon and pancake syrup and fruit and chocolate and bread and ice cream – all in one meal and no one thinks that’s weird! See why it enjoys a special place in my heart?

So Monkey Bar decided to help us kick start our weekends with some kick ass breakfast. The brekkie menu is large and divided into multiple sections to suit your weekend mood. Eggs – Check, Cereal – Check, Bacon – Check, French Toast – Check, Waffles – Check, Japanese Okonomiyaki – Check….What?!! That was not on your list? Phooey! So apart from the regular suspects you can even expect breakfast your mommy would be pleased to serve you (but with a MoBar twist) – Gujarati Handvo, Bekti Fish Cutlets, Pandi Curry and even a Sorpotel Jam pot! I told you mommy would be happy! Oh, if you’ve been a naughty child and have been drinking the previous night, MoBar suggests you continue your session with some breakfast cocktails. We don’t want to cut short the party now, do we?  
I ate. A lot. (So much that my breakfast ran into lunch!). So giving you a lowdown on what to expect. The hit’s and the not so happening. We might as well start with a Bloody Mary no?
The MoBar Maxi Crossiant – One of the fluffiest and most buttery croissants I’ve had in a long time. And it’s the size of my forearm, though Monkey Bar thinks it’s large enough for a cow to jump over. Hmm…. I’d like to see that, I really would. Entertainment with my breakfast – the possibilities are endless. 

One of the ladies at the table ordered the Cereal Sundae (suppressing gag reflex). Not that I don’t like cereal. It’s just that I eat this at home…everyday. So I was ho humming when I saw this. Then I took a bite (forced). This one was home made granola and they even served it with lemon yoghurt sorbet and fresh strawberries. Not a bad way to pimp up the basic stuff.  
When I saw the Okonomiyaki on the menu, I executed a neat fist pump (check Wiki for how to replicate one). No one other than Harima (and now Mo Bar) serves this Japanese pancake/ pizza in Bangalore. Don’t let the cabbage pancake explanation throw you off – it’s delicious! And when it comes loaded with pork belly, chorizo and prawns even the most stubborn cabbage hating folks will be converted.  
Let’s get down to devouring my second favourite item on the menu – the perfectly cooked Eggs Benedict. (For the top pick – go to line 43, word 21. Just kidding fools…have some patience – I’ll get to it!). The Eggs Benedict is like a happy marriage of brekkie Gods – an English muffin topped with ham and a poached egg covered with hollandaise sauce. Let’s take a minute’s silence to savour the thought shall we? Minutes up – you can wipe the drool off your mouth.  
Red Velvet Waffles. No, you heard right – ‘waffles’ and not cupcakes. This one is a looker! Served with Cream cheese (gooooood) and almond praline, it straddles the boundary of breakfast and dessert. Here you can have your cake and eat it too! 
Ok so we’ve finally arrived at Line 43 word no 21. (If you actually counted and realized I was lying – all I can say is ‘Sucker’!). My favourite thing on the brekkie menu was their lusciously divine French Toast. They call it a toast to France (the Romans must be turing in their graves) .. but we’ll leave that discussion for another day! This one should be renamed as a Toast to MoBar – it was that good! Gorgeous thick slices of Challah soaked in milk, eggs, wine, cinnamon, orange zest, honey and vanilla (Phew!) and pan fried. Served with their house syrup, it’s pretty hard to beat!  
I couldn’t eat anymore… I really really couldn’t. I wanted to … but I couldn’t. So I might go back there this weekend – for their full English breakfast or a Chilli Cheeze Vada Pav. I Plan to wash it down with a Pot Shake (Banana Nutella). Maybe a French toast on the side…. Also an Eggs Benedict … and a …(slips into happy food dreams) 
14/1, Wood Street,
Richmond Road,
Ph: 080 41116878
Cost: Rs.1200/- plus taxes for brekkie with some alcohol
Timing: Sat and Sun, 9am – 12 noon.
Parking: The Streets


  1. EarnesTaster says

    that was a good line-up ,passionately presented, and of course i'd love to have a hearty rowdy jolly rollicking breakfast like this!


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