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Detox Water for a fresh start in 2013!

Featured in Tastespotting.com on 9th Jan 2013
Let’s get to the basics first…The mayans were wrong, we all lived to see another day and stuff our faces silly… so HAPPY NEW YEAR! Unfortunately, that also means we live to see the ‘consequences’ of stuffing our faces silly. I would love a world where good food and drink don’t add to the waistline but …. That’s not true! So yes, I was looking for shortcuts – because everyone will try one before actually lifting a limb to exercise! I found this concoction for Detox water on a food group in Facebook. Some lovely lady went to a five star hotel and they served her this drink. Then she came back home and googled the recipe and realized it was called Detox water. She loved it so much that she posted it online. And then… I saw it and jumped at the idea because a. it looked so freaking pretty, b. it looked insanely easy to make and finally, c. it was called ‘Skinny’ Water!
I don’t know if it’s made me lose weight or detoxed my system in the last couple of days but it sits pretty on my dining table and every single guest who’s come home has ‘oohed and aaahed’ at the lovely drink I’ve served them. So there’s reason enough for you to try it no? If nothing else, I intend to use the cucumbers as a cooling eye patch over the weekend 😛  
So in summary, all I wanted to say was ….Happy New year darlings… and I can’t wait to explore new ways to satisfy my food monster in 2013! Hope that agenda works for you as well…XOXO.

Detox Water or Skinny Water
(Recipe adapted from: Lovely lady on facebook)
Prep time: 10 mins
Makes: 2 litres
What you need:
2 litres of Mineral water
1 Cucumber, sliced
1 Lemon, sliced
4 stalks of Mint or 15 Mint leaves
A pretty Jug/ bottle to store
What to do:
Wash and slice the lemon and cucumber. Fill the jug/ bottle with 3/4th water. Toss the cucumber slices, lemon and mint in. Give it a good stir. Pop into the refrigerator overnight. Drink in the morning.
I drank it throughout the day. You can keep refilling the bottle/ jug with water the whole day. (The flavor remains intact). The next day eat/ throw out the cucumbers, lemon and mint and just make a fresh batch.
Detox water makes for a great alternative to plain old water and a fun way to welcome your guests. And…. It looks awesome sitting on the dining table. J


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