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Third times a Charm… Happy Birthday Food for Swaps!

Food for Swaps turned three on 24th of July. I had just gotten back from holiday and had massive withdrawal symptoms! That coupled with a lost wallet and pending work load of 20 days had me walking a tightrope! So you can see how the idea of putting pen down to paper (or rather finger to keyboard) was far from my mind. Actually it was like this invisible boulder on my shoulder (i’m rhyming!) that I chose to ignore for 3 days. But I can’t any longer – my little blog has become such a comfortable part of my daily routine that turning three just seemed like the inevitable. And I owe it to my blog to say “HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOOD FOR SWAPS”! Thanks for making my days more enjoyable and my meal times more creative and my pictures more lustworthy ! And I thank you guys for hanging around and taking this food journey with me! Like they say “Third times a Charm” and “Three’s a crowd” and a jolly good one we have right now!!

I picked my top recipes of the past year for you guys. Now these are my personal favorites, the ones that, if I had a recipe book I would put a big gold star on! Hope you have fun! Love Always … Food for Swaps.
In no particular order…..

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